The Day I Decided that I Was Just as Remarkable as the Stay-at-home Mom

The Day I Decided that I Was Just as Remarkable as the Stay-at-home Mom

Once more, I’m letting one of our users take the wheel. We got lots of interesting emails after the new school year started and we had you guys sharing your experiences with us. The story of one particular mother stood out to me. Here she is, narrating her story in her own words…

I am a working mom with a 9 to 5 job and a preteen daughter back at home. It’s a tough situation, this double duty, but I’m not the only one who does it. So I’m not complaining. Last week, though, we had the following conversation:

Her: Mom, I’m going to stay at Charlotte’s tonight.

Me: (blinks) Um… who is Charlotte?

Her: Mom! Charlotte is my best friend! Jeez, don’t you know anything about me?

Me: … of course I know Charlotte! Jeez, can’t you take a joke?

That was a quick cover up but it kind of opened my eyes. And it made me wonder. Is she right? Do I know anything about her? Honestly speaking, I couldn’t name 4 of her friends. I didn’t know who Charlotte was. I didn’t know what’s been on her mind. Heck, I couldn’t name a song she likes to listen to. And then I experienced the worst form of mom guilt.

What is Mom Guilt?

Mom guilt is that awful feeling you get when you realize you haven’t been spending enough time with your kids. Lots of working moms experience it. But just because it feels awful, doesn’t mean it is awful.

Still, many moms feel guilty about having a career over spending time with kids like a stay-at-home mom (not that they have it any easier than working moms). But when you come back from work, all you want to do is…

Xnspy October 2016

I know how my daughter does at school and at ballet class; I know what times she sleeps and wakes up. But I am not connected to her as a person. If only there was a way I could be at work but connect with her at the same time.

Oh wait. There is! And it’s called mobile monitoring software. How silly I’ve been.

How Does Monitoring Work?

What I wanted was something that would keep me with my daughter even while I was at work. Once I found out what that something was, I felt way better for it.

I, like so many others, had to become the mobile mom.

With mobile phone monitoring, I was able to:

  • Check my daughter’s phonebook. This helped me know who her friends are and who she talks to the most.
    • I now know who her friends are. No more awkward mom moments like the Charlotte incident.
    • When I come back home, I ask her if she had a good time with Joe or Carly or Sara. Much better than if I asked the vague “How’re your friends” without knowing their names.

It has also helped me:

  • Track her GPS location
    • I can see where she goes while I’m at work
    • Following her little target on a map going from school to ballet lesson to home to Charlotte’s makes me feel like I’m with her
    • I can even be tough mom and call her out if she goes somewhere I told her not to

To get a better insight into her mind, I:

  • Use the software to read her text
    • I felt that because of the disconnect, she shared problems with her friends rather than with me
    • Reading her texts at least made me aware of her problems/what was on her mind
    • I could come home knowing what she wants to talk about and have a heart-to-heart

So what you are essentially doing is studying your child

  • At work
  • On your commute to work
  • Whenever you’re worried

And that makes you progressive! It’s 2016, and it’s about time you start using e-parenting techniques. I have because…

Xnspy October 2016 2

Working Moms are Great Moms Too

About that pesky mom guilt. Do you know it’s actually great if you feel it? Because it means you have a great sense of responsibility towards your kids. And do you what? Lots of women feel it even before they are mothers. Sandy Sandberg, a top tech woman, COO of Facebook, and a working mom shares her experience.

We need to stop feeling so guilty and realize, hey! We’re good mothers too.

Be a Guilt Free Mom!

I felt so much better once I started using a monitoring app to study my daughter at work. It makes me feel closer to her and I don’t feel like I’m missing out anymore. And now when we finally got to spend quality time together, we had tons to talk about (She was a little creeped out over how I knew Charlotte’s hamster had died, but that’s beside the point). Point is, I’m on my way to get better connected to her.

There is it. The story of one of our subscribers and her experience with the software. It is amazing how she has only used three of our features and she’s already feeling closer to her daughter. Imagine how nice she’ll feel once she discovers all the other features.

Thanks a lot for sharing your story, mommy user!

So, working moms! Do you think our user did the right thing or do you have any other techniques you use to connect with your kids? And stay-at-home moms, do you have any advice?

More importantly, do you have any stories of your own to share? Leave a comment below or feel free to email us!


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