The Top 10 Tech Leaders of the World Who Are Also Moms—Part 2

The Top 10 Tech Leaders of the World Who Are Also Moms—Part 2

We’re back to talking about the amazing women that run our tech industry and balance their mommy duties at the same time. They defy all social conventions and prove to the world that nothing can stop them from being as remarkable as they are.

So who makes the top 5 in our list? Take a look!

5.Cher Wang, Chairperson, HTC

Let’s talk about the brain behind HTC Corp. Or we could talk about Cher Wang, too. Because not only is this women responsible for the success of this company, but for the emergence of smartphones in the mainstream. She, too has two children to go back home to. Techy mum like her probably knows how to spy on a cellphone, which will substitute the discipline regime just fine.

4.Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

We feel like Sheryl Sandberg is Superwoman to be honest. Not only is she the COO at Facebook, but she mentions how she spends 60 per cent of her time with her children. But this does not stop her from being one of the biggest names in tech today and Zuckerberg’s right hand woman.

3.Meg Whitman, CEO, HP

Meg Whitman is the CEO of HP, and she has managed to do more than keep it at the top of computer companies. She has singlehandedly raised its financial position, which has made investors quite happy. Makes us wonder whether she is a better mum or a businesswoman.

2. Mary T. Bara, CEO, GM

General Motors has a new leader in the form of Mary T. Bara. Here’s why she is awesome. She has worked in every sphere of the company, from Human Resource to Product Development, so she pretty much knows the company inside and out. How does she do all of that with 2 children? We’ll never know.

1. Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo

At the top of our list is Marissa Mayer, CEO at Yahoo. This woman is a risk taker. She’s managed to make Yahoo into something beyond just a tech site. Having bought Flickr and Tumblr, she’s added a media faucet to the platform, but refuses to be labeled as either, doing things her own way. And that takes power which makes her a pretty cool mom. She has good reason to be our number one!

So if your mom happens to be a tech leader, you should keep your smartphone activity clean because she probably knows how to work a cellphone spy app.


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