This Mom Has a Great XNSPY Trick for Back to School Season

This amazing XNSPY mom wrote to us, just in time for Back to School season. She shared the stories of her mischievous son, who began cutting class last year. Since then, she has learned to use XNSPY to keep him in and plans to use it this year as well…

Last school year, my son has recently developed a nasty habit of skipping all his classes to go out and do heavens know what. I didn’t know what he was doing until I got a call from his school to say that he hadn’t been in class again. That’s why I went online and bought XNSPY cell phone tracker and installed it on his phone without telling him. And that did the trick. If you’re looking to track your children for safety or discipline reasons, keep on reading to learn how I managed to become a mom always in the dark to a mom always two steps ahead.


I wanted something that would give me real time locations of my son. Other GPS trackers I found had to be attached then detached from the target to see where they had been. This mobile tracker, XNSPY, has been especially designed for parents so that they can keep tabs on their kid’s phones, while giving them on the information on a web portal side by side. This eliminated the need for detaching the tracker and then using it to upload the data. I can just get the information in real time on my computer as it is happening.

What the Tracking Features Do

Another thing I like about XNSPY is that the mobile tracking features are very versatile. Here’s what you can do:

  • Acquire location history of target. This means that you can basically know all the places that your target user has been. It’s a great feature for working parents who are probably too busy to monitor locations all day long. They can just sit at home at the end of the day and check their kid’s location history.
  • Create Watchlist locations. You can basically mark ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ locations on the map. I use this feature very often for my son. I’ve marked the school as the safe area and the rest as unsafe. I get an alert anytime he enters the unsafe area. That’s how I know he’s out of school.

Why You Need XNSPY

If you are concerned that

  • Your kids are sneaking out of home or school
  • Your kids are visiting dangerous/sketchy places
  • Your child’s general safety is under threat

then it would a be a good idea to go ahead and track your children for the new school year. XNSPY has been working without flaw for me, and I’m quite happy with it.

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