Top five things to do this Father’s Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the way we live our lives to the very core. The way we celebrate, the way we mourn, the way we meet, and the way we express gratitude have all changed significantly. However, this does not mean we entirely give up on our traditions. In this article, we will list the top five things you can do this Father’s Day to make it more memorable for him. It does not matter whether you are in another part of the world or living with him under one roof, we will be providing all the options to choose from!

  • Plan the day and spend time with your family

Since Father’s day is an auspicious day for all proud fathers, one must plan the intricacies of it before time. The perfect day should start with having a perfectly cooked breakfast with the family with the rightly brewed coffee/tea (depending on the preference). Do not forget to include children into the plan, as they bring liveliness to every activity.

One must also remember that the meal should be complemented by letting your husband know how much you value him, and how his ideas and guidance have shaped the children. This should be followed by making an effort to make whatever he likes in his lunch and dinner, and since we all are respecting social distancing, if your children do not live with you, make sure to take them on the video call, so that they can be part of the celebration as well. And lastly, when the day is about to end, make sure to remind him, that 18th June is not the only day that should be celebrated in his gratitude but every day is his day!

  • Create personalized items

A personalized touch is very important to make sure that your partner feels loved, and empathy engulfs them. Therefore, if you are unable to travel or send some extravagant gifts, make a mental note of the following:

  • Handmade card planned with kids.
  • Voice note via WhatsApp, or a video message via Skype (with kids of course)
  • Handwritten letter expressing years of love, and affection (Encourage your children to write as well)
  • Participate in joint activities and let him take charge

If you are living together, take note of the following activities. Your family, especially your partner, will enjoy it.

  • Jogging together
  • Board games (Ludo, Carom board, chess, card games)
  • Cook something together
  • Talk about your shared experiences, how you feel about him, and what is in the future.
  • Talk about his favorite hobbies. Make sure to let him win/lead the conversation
  • Take him out for outdoor activities but only if it is safe
  • Hiking/picnic
  • Kite flying (if it is legal in your area)
  • Go out for a drive
  • Due to a difference in smart lockdowns, activities may differ.
  • Give gifts that will melt his heart
  • Create a collage of images that showcase each year spent together. Do not forget to include images of the kids!
  • Getting something he would never have bought for himself.
  • Inviting his old school/college friends for dinner.
  • Getting him a Netflix account so that he can enjoy all the amazing movies & TV shows without any hassle.
  • Purchase a gift card for him so he can buy his favorite item.