Unorthodox Management Practices That Have Resulted In Success

Unorthodox Management Practices That Have Resulted In Success

It’s all about the shift in management and structural styles. It almost seems like people have figured that being uptight and controlled hurts creativity. Which is why you see more and more companies adopt more liberating workspaces, or why organizations are more focused on giving their employees a certain lifestyle rather than just a desk and a chair.

And you know what? It seems that the more unorthodox your management style is, the more likely you are to succeed. It’s probably because:

  • It gets your company noticed
  • It makes a statement, which starts a conversation
  • It attracts more people to work for you
  • It inspires your employees
  • It breaks the bounds of thought and creativity
  • It defines you as a leader

Finding your stride as a manager is quite clearly a challenge. But if you’re forgoing what’s in your gut for something that is more ‘professional’ or more polished, you’re making a mistake. You are letting go of something extraordinary and settling for mediocrity.

Take a look at what NeoMam Studios has found out about 7 leaders with very unconventional management quirks…

You don’t have to dress up like the pope in your next meeting, although you’ve got to admit—it does make for quite an entrance. And I’m going to confess, I have the same notebook principle as Mark Parker. You’ve just got to find something that works for you.

Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • For your next brainstorm session, step out of the office. Take your team to a café or a park, and conduct your meeting there. Being in a different environment will force them to think differently.
  • Have more casual meetings. I know of a place where the boss conducts meetings where everyone is sat and tosses out a stuffed Minion indicating when it is someone’s time to speak. It gamifies the meeting, keeps it tongue and cheek and encourages people to speak up when they become the… Minion bearers.
  • Divide your team in groups of two and have them compete against each other in a silly game. It becomes an office event and gives the employees something to look forward to other than just work.

What you’re going for is giving your company a personality. Something that makes it stand out and what gets people talking about you.


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