Week without Your Device

Week without Your Device

We are always drowned in what like to call the device storm, from your computer to you phone to your tablet, connecting, calling receiving and sending. We are moving faster than ever before and are constantly surrounded by a deafening hum, one that we don’t even realize exists!  This hum always keeps us in an agitated or frustrated mood mainly because of how noisy it is. If you ever want l listen to this hum, sit down in your living room, close your eyes and visualize the sounds you hear. You’ll be astounded at what you hear and see, so many machines whirring, buzzing and making some kind of noise that adds to an entire orchestra of noise. You’ll also now realize how you can’t unheard it because of it becomes too loud to ignore. You’ll also figure out why you have a headache all the time. Now perform the same sort of test with your phone. Just test how long you can go without having the urge to check your phone, let alone check it! For me it wasn’t very long.

I’m not negating the importance of technology in our lives and how much easier day to day routine has become, but have we tried to live beyond technology? Just for while? What happens when we jump off this speeding train of our technical life? Do we end up as a splatter on the train tracks?

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I recently went on a trip to the mountains. Because of the nature of the place, I had no phone signals, no WiFi, no real connection with the outside world. My smartphone therefore become obselte. During the ride, because I had no signals, I knew it would be no point to check it again and again, so I barely used it. This was the first time in years that I went a week without using my phone. I went deep into the mountains, a 21 hour long ride and I immersed myself into the scenery, the nature, the lack of noise. Something I immediately noticed was that it was so very quiet. The night was restful instead of restless, and the only him I heard was that of the flowing river, something absolutely calming. I could hours and hours listening to this silence and so realized how little connection to my should I had.

Without worrying about my Facebook or Instagram or anything, there wasn’t​ a nag, a constant cloud over my head. I felt free and this is just from one week! I realize how preachy I sound, but the sensation of closing my eyes and hearing absolutely nothing is worth the eye rolls I get when recommending to people that they should try what I did.


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