Why Helicopter Parenting May Not be the Best Way to Raise a Kid

Why Helicopter Parenting May Not be the Best Way to Raise a Kid

This parenting concept really intrigues me. Because there is a certain degree of irony that comes with the term. Some parents are quick to call themselves helicopter parents, because it gives you the illusion that you’re always hovering over your child. But that’s hardly the truth. Helicopter parenting is used to describe a parent that hovers over a child, yes, but doesn’t stay too long.

At this point, I’m sure there will be tones of debate about quality time versus quantity time. A helicopter parent always wants to keep their child in sight. However, if that proximity is truly meaningful is vastly dubious. Take working parents for example. A lot of XNSPY blog readers are very busy parents but somehow, all of you find the time to develop meaningful connections with your children. Conversely, a helicopter parent is someone who is always there physically, but perhaps not fully there emotionally.

For a greater insight into the matter, take a look at the following inforgraphic by Yellow Brick:

What I found interesting from these findings most of all was the last bit. Yes, we understand the concept, but we’ll need a bit of self-evaluation to figure out if we, ourselves, are engaging in this malpractice. You’re a helicopter parent if:

  • You spoil your child too much
  • You fight all their battles for them
  • You’re overambitious with them
  • You’re too cautious with them
  • You have them follow specific dietary regimes
  • You’re overly generous with praise

Remember, there is a difference between loving your child and hovering over them. As always, find your stride and create your very own optimum level. Most of all, trust yourself to make the right decisions with your child.


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