Why Is Employee Performance Essential To Your Business Success?

Why Is Employee Performance Essential To Your Business Success?

Many of the world’s largest businesses consider employee workforce as their biggest asset. They invest and incorporate new measures to seek employee satisfaction because that eventually serves the company with the right amount of performance. Hitherto, many failing businesses are an epitome of management failures. It’s the time- Managers! Tuck in your shirts and grab a cup of coffee because I will be highlighting key factors for a better employee performance.

Motivation and Performance Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the first things that you as a manager needs to do is OBSERVE! See for how inclined are your employees at arriving to the workplace on time. Place sometime for casual conversations with employees about how to improve the performance appraisal techniques. Employees who have a collegial attitude towards group work produces better performance.

Go by The Books- Incentivize

Different workplace environments call for different incentives- whether it’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Herzberg’s two factor theory to motivate their employees, survey methodologies can always be used to know their workplace interests. Ever wondered if workers enjoy that job security that is central to their better performance? If not- then enhance your employee engagement.

Performance Appraisal- It’s A Continuous Phenomenon

Your accountant may be very busy on the ending day of your financial year in making balance sheets but measuring performance is different- it starts immediately when an employee joins and then continues throughout the year.

Survival Of The Fittest

This old saying still does the magic. From Species to businesses, evolution has made the thriving possible. New ways have emerged to monitor employee performance because of its significance to the contemporary business environment -Not a novel concept, still it’s held in procrastination. Law suits are a big threat to any business. Your customer pretends to slip off a wet floor in one of your Argos store, YOU ARE SUED! May be better surveillance could have saved your ass.

Employee of the Year

I have compiled top 5 qualities of a high performance employee. How many of these do your employees have?

  1. They are very productive- If you were a football company, how many Brazucas did your each employee make in an hour would tell his hourly productivity. Be careful with not emphasizing too much on quantity as it can compromise the quality.
  2. They don’t waste too much- Is your employee cost effective? A ratio of input to output of your materials is a good measure.
  3. They are never late or absent: your best employee will be the first to enter the office and will make themselves some coffee. They will be charged with energy to do as many tasks possible for a day.
  4. Creative is their first name: They possess the acumen of a creative think tank and that is why they are probably the team leader too.
  5. Always dresses up right: they are not one of those employees with a poor aesthetic sense nor do they forget to dress according to company policy.

Monitoring your employees is pretty easy these days- thanks to the advent of sophisticated employee monitoring tools but subjective issues like workers’ performances may require some help from your Human resource department.


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