Why Resilience and Not Abstinence Is A Better Way To Battle Online Risks?

Resilient Teens

A recent study’s results show that resilience can more profoundly contribute in fighting negative online experiences. Previous studies had focused only on the role of abstinence to minimize the acrimonious effects of internet on teens. And now that we have a new dimension that parents should really look into, it might be the time for more proactive parenting.

As technology is becoming more ubiquitous to teen’s social and educational life, it might be more harmful to go for abstinence. Internet exposure doesn’t always lead to negative experiences, according to the study. So how can parents really deal with this new perspective on parenting that they might have to opt for in the future?

More Proactive Through Parental Controls

Parents don’t really have to sit next to their teens’ cell phone. A parental monitoring software that can work remotely, allowing parents to view their kids’ smartphone activity. This way they can help their kids built resilience, telling them how to cope with a certain situation.

Let’s say a teen girl was asked by her friend to share a nude photo. If she wouldn’t know how to deal with the situation, she might succumb to the pressure and share the pic, leaving all types of guilt and regrets afterwards. However, if she has the resilience, she will know how to say no to her friend.

Harms of Internet Abstinence

The study’s researchers say that abstinence can adversely affect the social and educational life of teens. They can miss out on important stuff that can aid them in their development stage. Kids discover new things through internet. They get answers to their curiosities by googling stuff.

Parents Role in Dealing with Post Traumatic Experiences

Resilience develops over time and during that phase, teens may face few acrid experiences, which can traumatize them. Parents not only have to tell their kids how to deal with it in the future but also make sure that their kids are not fighting the aftermath of an acrid experience all alone. A psychiatrist can be consulted who can counsel their kids, If parents find It difficult mentoring them.

What’s The Perfect Balance?

It might not be a very good idea to rely completely on resilience as it may require some experimentation (and one study might not be enough to build a new perspective on parenting). Abstinence has played its role in the past. What parents can do is gradually slide in this new technique to their parenting style, if it suits their family, they can create that balance—the perfect balance!


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