Why You Need to Start Keeping Track of Your Employees

Why You Need to Start Keeping Track of Your Employees

The computers, devices and the network you perform your job on is almost always provided by the company or organization you work for. The companies or organizations therefore have the right to monitor your visited websites, your emails and exchanges. Employees really shouldn’t have an expectation of privacy when personal emails and internet browsing is done through the company provided phones, tablets or pcs. And given the nature of the job, the internet might be a perfect way to invade into your business or company for illegalities to occur I.e hacking, theft or intellectual property or insider trading.

Sometimes employees might breach company standards and rules and might go on ahead and download unwanted material on the company assigned PC such as pornography, they might be involved in defamation of the company they work for or they might be revealing company information to competitors or to the public, which is illegal.  Employers then have a legitimate reason to amp up monitoring. Monitoring might also prove whether the employee is actually working at their job or not.

The probable cause of monitoring employees based on suspicious activities of the employee gives the employer incentive enough to spy on the employee. ‘Spy’ may come off as a sinister word, but it is sometimes legal.

How Do I Spy on My Employees?

For example, the Telephone calls Section 184(1) of the Criminal Code makes it illegal to listen in onto someone else’s telephone calls unless you have consent from the parties in conversation. You are however free to record your own phone conversations however how companies can circumvent is by adding a little mention of the call being recorded. This mention is for the customers as well as the employees, sometimes mainly commented on as ‘’for quality assurance purposes” and even though it is a good way to track a bad call, the recording can help determine if employer suspicions about a employee were true or not.

Obviously, social networking and social media might be a part of every recruiter routine when checking for employees. After interviews and reference, a good social networking check makes sure that the image presented to them is consistent to what they have presented to everyone else.

XNSPY to Spy on Employees

XNSPY is a tool every employer would find to be beneficial and absolutely what they’re looking for if they’re looking to track their employees activities. XNSPY is all-rounder when it comes to tracking employees’ phones or PCS, depending on what is assigned to them. Once installed on a phone or PC, XNSPY will track messages sent and received, a call log meaning all calls made and received with time stamps. Other than that, XNSPY offers real time tracking with a map and real time pin location. If you’re too busy to look at the real time movement, a log will be provided for you to check out whenever you’re free.

Track your employees if you’re suspicious of unacceptable behaviors and let XNSPY help!


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