Working With Employees in Retail with Your Employee Management App

Working With Employees in Retail with Your Employee Management App

Hiring and firing in retail tends to be the only constant in the manager’s life. Part of the reason why is because so many employees tend to be temporary. We did give you some advice on how to cope with temporary employees in an earlier blog. But making sure your employees are happy and doing their jobs in the right way is especially important in retail.

You, the manager may not always be on the front lines. But your employees are quite simply the face of the organization. They are the ones at the forefront and they are the first people the customers come in contact with. Making sure they are engaged and feeling good about their jobs is very important.

So before we go on with this blog, take a look at this rather informative infographic from Retail Doc to give you some perspective:

Employee Management App

So, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Make Them Feel Like a Part of the Company

The first important thing that comes to my mind, in particular with employee in retail, is that you need to make them feel part of the whole. Often times, salespersons are not treated by the management as equals. Their managers tend to be derogatory to them because they feel like they aren’t qualified enough, not educated enough, not experienced enough. And that’s just strange because you can sink your company with unhappy retail employees. They are the ones that ultimately get to speak with your customers face to face. When they’re unhappy, they won’t be very nice to those customers now, would they?

So, make them feel like they are part of the company. Make them feel like their opinion matters. Include them in important meetings. Ask them what their firsthand experience with the customers is like, what improvements they think should be made. They need to think of themselves as more than just people hired to stack shelves or fold t shirts.

Offer Compliments in Public

If they’ve done a nice job, compliment them where others are listening. Be it other staff members or the customers, if you offer them compliments in public, they will feel like they’ve truly done a good job. They will feel validated because their achievements are being celebrated in front of strangers. Managers tend to be free with pointing out mistakes in public. Take the opposite approach. Give compliments in public; point out mistakes in private.

Monitor, But Discreetly

Lastly, yes, it is your duty to watch over employees and make sure they are doing their job right. But keep the monitoring discreet. This is why we encourage the use of employee monitoring app, which you can install onto their company provided phones. The app will work discreetly in the backgrounds of their phone, allowing you to track their activities freely, without it interfering with their performance. And they won’t feel like their manager is constantly breathing down their necks, either.


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