XNSPY Helps Makes Profits for My Plumbing Company, Too!

XNSPY Helps Makes Profits for My Plumbing Company, Too!

To break through the crowd of outspoken parents, we’ve got a small business owner who wants his voice heard on the blog, too!

So for today, we are really excited to share the experience of a true blue XNSPY entrepreneur who has been using cell tracker to make life easier. Their name and the company’s name has not been volunteered in this case, but we’re sure that people with similar businesses will be able to relate.

Take it away, Mr. CEO, Sir!

How do I use XNSPY? I track my employees and in the process, I track my profits.

So I own a plumbing and piping business down in Oklahoma City. We do drain and gas line, water and sewer that kind of stuff. It’s only been running for a year, and I’m the only one who is looking after it. I have 8 plumber technicians working with me right now. I used to have more, but I had to let a lot of them go, because honestly, they were bringing my profits down from right under my nose. And how did I find this out? With a simple cell phone tracker. I can’t believe I wasn’t using this on a business like mine from day one.

Why I Needed Help in My Business

The way my business works is I get a call from a customer and we set up an appointment. I then dispatch a technician in a company vehicle with all the tools and supplies they would need. They get the job done and they come back. Now here is the trouble I was facing…

  • Some technicians took way too long to get to the appointment
  • An item from tools and supplies would always be missing
  • I suspected that some technicians were using the company provided vehicle and tools for freelance work
  • My fuel costs were too high because of this

How XNSPY Rectified My Operations

XNSPY is the mobile tracker I ended up buying to give my operations a facelift. What I did was I installed the app on all my technicians company provided phones. This would mean that I’d stay connected with them even when I had dispatched them. How?

  • I could track their location in real time so I would know exactly where they are
  • I could track their route to make sure they straight to and from the appointment without making any detours
  • I could see their location history to recheck if they took the company vehicle somewhere else
  • I could do a detailed route planning ahead of the appointment so my technicians reached the appointment in the shortest time
  • This was cost and energy efficient
  • I could add ‘Watchlist locations’ which means I would be alerted if a technicians went to a forbidden location

What I needed was a way to smooth out my operations with a better monitoring and tracking system. That is that XNSPY did for me. I liked using it because it did a lot more than a regular GPS tracker.

Make Profits in Your Business!

I can’t believe I wasn’t tracking my employees before! Once I found out who was stealing supplies and who was making detours for freelance, I let those employees go. Immediately, my profits increased and now I can manage even more technicians in a better way. If you have a similar business to mine, I would recommend that you buy XNSPY as soon as possible, too. A cell phone tracker might be all you need to save money.

How do you run your business with XNSPY? Give us your tips, share your stories, and contribute to the XNSPY Entrepreneur community!


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