XNSPY Mom Endorses Spying as a Necessary Part of Parenting

XNSPY Mom Endorses Spying as a Necessary Part of Parenting

In case you missed our last blog, we talked about how spying on our own children can sometimes be viewed with skepticism. It is seen as controversial, even. We had a mom write to us who faced similar backlash from her circle when she first started using our app. But somehow, she has managed to make a believer out of everyone. Here are her thoughts in her own words…

I happen to be the mom that thinks spying on kids is a necessary part of parenting.  And I am absolutely okay with my decisions, whether I am judged by other parents or not. Spying on my children’s iPhone means that I am well informed on what they are doing on the internet and how they are using their iPhones. I probably have far more information on my children than parents who don’t spy on their kids. To be completely honest, I think that makes me a more responsible parent than them.

We are in the digital age. We cannot think of our online and offline lives as mutually exclusive. We are the same people with more modes of connection. We’re connecting with more people in this manner. So why must we monitor our children in the offline world but not in the online world? It just does not make any sense to me at all.

Let’s not forget that we are responsible for our children while they are minors. We are responsible for telling them right from wrong. We need to make sure they stay away from harm and that they do not harm others. We are responsible for their security and well being. And this happens to apply to both their online and offline lives.

When I use my iPhone monitoring app, I find out what websites my children are visiting. I know what entertainment websites they visit, I know how much time they are spending on research for homework. I know if they’ve visited an inappropriate website. At the same time, I know who they talk to and what sorts of things they talk about. I know who they called and when and I know what their instant messages consist of. In this manner, I am probably more informed on their lives than are parents that don’t monitor their children.

If you think about it, you can find out so much about a person from their smartphones. You can find out what they like by what websites they visit, what videos they like to watch, what music they like to listen to, what things they talk about with their friends, what places they like to go, what pictures they like to view. Not only do you know who they are communicating with, you also know the content of their communication. And you find out more about them—their likes, dislikes, how they spend their free time, what goes on in their minds and so much more.

So yes, judge me all you want. But ever since I got myself monitoring app for iPhone I became a better informed parent. I became a digital parent. I began to become better informed on what’s happening in my children’s lives. I knew when my daughter was facing trouble with other children in school before she even came up to me. I knew that my son wanted a new pair of sneakers because he had been looking at them online. I knew for sure that my daughter was going to go out to meet a stranger she met on Tinder when she said she was just going out for a walk. I knew that my son skipped school one day to go on a road trip with his friends because I got an alert from the geo-fencing feature on my app.

Above all, it has helped my kids understand why certain things they do are wrong. It’s not enough to just spy on them. What are you going to do with all that information on your children anyway if you don’t take action? I use my parental control app as a parenting opportunity. When I find that my kids have done something risky (like given away personal information to a stranger) I make sure I tell them how dangerous it is and what risk they are putting themselves under. When I see that they’ve been researching a career path online, I make sure to help them through it by getting them into all the right programs that will help them achieve their goals.

Yes, my decision was controversial. But given the fact that it made me a better parent, I don’t regret it for a single day.

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