Your Business Can Use Ecommerce to Stand Out from the Crowd

Your Business Can Use Ecommerce to Stand Out from the Crowd

Let’s face it—the internet is a crowded place. You need to separate yourself from the proverbial pack in order to survive. Why do you think in a place where millions of people can upload almost anything on the internet that only a few videos go viral? They may not even be the best quality ones out there. What they do have is impeccable online marketing skills that elevates their business to a whole new level. Here are 4 simple ways in which you too can use eCommerce to stand out from the crowd:

Think in Keywords

It may sound simple, but an attractive video title may be the only thing you need to get a significant number of hits. Think of something you would immediately want to click if you are randomly browsing YouTube one day. Hell, your video itself may not even have the “Best” or the “Most Shocking” or “Exclusive” content it claims to have. But you just need to grab their attention and start a conversation. Not that you should practice false advertising. Just give them something they would completely just need to find out about and include that in the content that you put in.

Keep a Constant Eye on Your Progress

As a modern marketer, it is wise for you to have access to social media at all times. Applications like Mobile Facebook and Tweetdeck can be more rewarding than you think. In order to be a ecommerce savvy marketer, you must think like a ninja. Strike while the iron is hot. Always know what is being said about you. Read through the comments section of wherever you have chosen to market your product. It will increase your consumer reaction knowledge like nothing else will. Keeping constant watch may also tell you how the internet traffic times fluctuate for your product. You won’t know when to strike if you forget to check your Facebook. That’s not very ninja like.

Stir the Pot

While we are on the topic of reading through the comments sections, it won’t be unwise for you as a marketer to guise yourself as a consumer and take part in the conversation yourself. Sway the conversation in your favor if things are getting out of hand. Give the commentators extra knowledge about the product, and give personal examples. People like to buy things based on what others are saying about them rather than what the company says about their product. The internet gives you perfect anonymity for this part.

Litmus Tests Work, too

Social media networking has also given marketers a perfect platform to study customer responsiveness. So before you want to launch your product, give it a test run. Maybe “accidentally” leak a teaser for your product. It worked for the iPhone4, did it not? A teaser—a leaked picture, a prototype that a “consumer” got hold of before its release—will help in creating hype for your product. And then you as a social media expert can detect exactly what kind of hype it is. What more do people want? Will they want to buy it at all? A ninja always stays a few steps ahead.


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