10 Bits of Advice for the Over-pressurized Moms in Quarantine on this Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday of the month is an auspicious occasion of showing love to our moms. We all love our mom; we care for her, and we want her to be with us no matter what the situation is. But, the real question is: Does she want all this for her self as well or not?

Like all other occasions these days, we are likely to celebrate this day at home as well. Moms still spend the day telling kids to study, to not use phones or the internet all the time, to make their bed and clean the home, etc. But, the quarantine can also become an opportunity for mothers to review their motherhood. They can figure out the smallest things that can reduce their mental pressures.

Every mother has a different struggle and has to face challenges dissimilar to others, but their strings are somehow attached. Practicing the same small things can bring a huge difference in their lives.

On this mother’s day, here are our reminders for some overstressed moms to claim their individuality and keep the freaking idea of becoming a supermom away from themselves and their kids as well:

  1. Let Your Kids Be Responsible For Their Studies

Isolation not only has restricted the physical interaction of the kids from the outside world, but it is also interfering with their behavior patterns in studies, daily life, and interests. For some children, it is a break from studies to explore other things while some nerds are taking advantage of the time to rock their studies more. Forcing children to do the studies does no good to them except for mounting pressure on your nerves. It’s high time to practice long term solution to the problem. Find ways to realize their responsibility towards their studies and their career goals.

  • You Cannot Be A Substitute for Everything At Everyplace

The overdependence of your children is not solely their fault. Moms almost everywhere are trained and brought up with expectations to become superwoman—balancing career, home, children, family, and relationships altogether. Take a break. You cannot make yourself available or cannot become a solution to every problem for everyone and everywhere. Pat yourself that whatever you are doing is just best, and if anything goes bad, it’s okay, too.

  • The Color of Everyone’s Sky is Different—Accept the Fact

Though things are changing, still, overambitious, and practical parents cannot fathom the purpose of different talents. Every child is different. They have their interests, attractions, and attachments. If you think that your practical sky is blue, it doesn’t make their pink or purple sky lesser than yours. Don’t press them hard to begin seeing the way the things you want your kids to see. Guide them in exploring the treasures of talents hidden within themselves and then, whatever they do, become their support.

  • Teach Kids Real-Life Skills

Quarantine, in a way, allows us to learn those life skills that can keep us from succumbing to the atrocities and problems. You know your child better than anyone. Communication, collaboration, or problem-solving—whatever is the weak area of your kid, focus where it proves futile.

  • Understand the Silver Line Between Your Demands and Kids’ Needs

Moms often unintentionally get influenced by the disciplined conduct of their parents of yesteryears. As soon as they find the opportunity of more time with kids and family, the urge of bringing the days back makes them force the children to follow their direction as these are directed because you think the kids need them. It is time to find out the silver line between their needs and your demands. A little effort towards unloading the weight of unnecessary guidelines and rules will ease your nerves, relationships, and the atmosphere at home too.

  • Don’t Strive To Become A Role Model Instead Be A Practical Model

I don’t know any parent who doesn’t want to be the role model for their kids, especially moms. They sacrifice their dreams, sleep, needs, desires, likes, priorities, interests, relationships, and everything that could come between the best upbringing of their kids and her. Due to all of her these self-less devotions, we as a society, to some extent, have refused to see any very common being with all the weaknesses. The endurance of becoming a great mom lose our chance of becoming a practical and real person with all the beauties of flaws, irregularities, and mistakes.

  • Find a Balance of Control and Closeness In A Mother-Child Relationship

Quarantine is becoming jail for many kids due to their strict jailer moms. Mothers, despite all their selflessness, sacrifices, and devotions, are still the most controlling members of a family.

Often, mom places the kids-mother relationship in black and white zones only; however, they should focus on the gray part rather. Earlier, moms were too strict and disciplined, and today, moms tend to be overfriendly and comfortable with their kids. The truth is children cannot accept both. From the wee hours in the morning to the yawning moments in the night, give children a balanced version of smart parenting.

  • Don’t Turn Child Monitoring Into Spying

Since the digitalization has brought so many vulnerabilities and threats on minors, it is impossible not to consider child monitoring. You cannot be with your kids all the time. Quarantine also confine your kids into their rooms with their smartphones. You know nothing what they are watching, whom they are talking and what, and what are their other online activities. Using a monitoring program isn’t a bad deal. It keeps you away from the urge of being around your kids 24/7.

  • Perfect Parent is a Myth

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world. We make it worse with the unreal expectations of perfection and excellence. In various cultures, moms are given the status of goddesses, and in an unseen way, they are manipulated to become perfect; in fact, more than perfect.

Dear moms, a perfect parent is a myth. You have time in quarantine to tell it to yourself and everyone while distributing the house chores and responsibilities to the other members of the family.

  1. Take Care of Your Well-Being

All of the things mentioned above don’t change the fact that your kids need you in everything and then in their lives more than ever. It doesn’t lessen your value and significance in their lives. Your well-being and healthy presence is their life-support. They want to see you around in all their important times. Not giving attention to your health, looks, ambitions, and interests could leave you hollow, and this may affect your relationship with kids.