12 Days of XNSPY Xmas—Child Monitoring on the Go with GPS Tracker

12 Days of XNSPY Xmas—Child Monitoring on the Go with GPS Tracker

This generation is a busy one. Kids are at school/ university; both parents have 9-5 jobs. Gone are the days where the family sits down for dinner. Even if everyone does find themselves within the house at the same time for dinner, every member will want to eat alone in their rooms watching something on their phones or computers. It cannot be helped; it comes with the busy lifestyle that 2017 asks everyone of. So, this Xmas, let us bring your attention to one of our bestselling features ever—the GPS tracker for child monitoring!

With everyone having so little communication or even interaction with each other in the household, parents become disconnected with their children’s lives and leave them to their own. But this is a huge mistake a lot of parents are making these days. Kids are kids and need constant adult supervision- no matter how mature you think your child might be.

At least at home you can say that you have some sort of watch over your kid’s lives but kids spend a lot of time outside and God knows where they go. As innocent as you think your child might be, you have no idea what they might be doing when they are not in your supervision or what others might be forvng them to do. Thus as a parent you have got to be in the know about your kids lives and what they are doing when you do not have your watchful eye over them.

XNSPY steps in to fill this gap between you and your child’s lives and helps you to finally catch up with them.

So How Does The XNSPY GPS Tracker Work?

Well the XNSPY GPS trackers track the exact location of the person you may want to track and that too in real time. You will actually be able to see the user you are monitoring- in this case your child- move from place to place on the map( provided they have a good internet connection)  XNSPY uses your phones location services so you can rest assured that the location that you will receive on your phone sure is an accurate one.

You can not only track their real time location, but also get detailed location history of the user you are tracking. So for instance you have not currently monitoring the user, you will still get timely updates on every location they visit and you will also know how long they stayed in that place as well.

The location updates as soon as they change their location. If they are stationary and in the same location for a while, the tracker will not update and will send you the same information as long as they stay in the same place. But if and when they move places, you will immediately be notified of their movements and can then use real time location tracking to see where they are going. Just make sure the person you are tracking has a good internet connection!

Okay But Why Do I Need To Track My Child?

Good question. Every parent might ask the same question and think that tracking their location with XNSPY might be a bit too much. But what those parents might also be unaware of is that there has been a constant rise in alcohol abuse among teens and young adults alike. And organizations that monitor alcohol consumption say that this alarming statistic is all but on the rise among teenagers and there looks to be no slowing down.

So you as a parent need to look at where your kids are going out for. They might be going out for something as innocent as a trip to the library but who knows that your child and their friends might be going out for a drink or two. It is not unheard of teenagers to drink beyond their limits and as a result even die of alcohol poisoning. This is especially common in fraternity houses.

Alcohol is one thing but drug abuse is another. Unfortunately drug abuse by teenagers is also on the rise and needs to be stopped. The only way this can happen is by parents stepping in and taking things into their own hands. Parents can view their child’s location history or view it in real time to make sure that they are going where they said they would go. But if you are still unsure of their activities, then you can use XNSPY’s call monitoring to listen in on conversations your child is having. If you find out that they might be involved in something dangerous then you can immediately step in and do your job as a parent to protect them.

Still Not Convinced?

Your child spends about most of their time of the day in their schools right? Well, what if I told you those schools are breeding grounds for peer pressure related drug incidents, alcohol consumption and much more. Recently, a school in Winnipeg was raided by police and it was found that children had hidden cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, ecstasy and other drugs were seized. This was not the only school in Winnipeg that had this problem, other elementary schools in the area were also raided and other harmful substances were found. It is interesting to note that none of the school’s administration knew of the drugs that were in the schools and it is after the police raided these institutions did they find that they had drugs in hidden in the buildings.

Now any parent might think that their kids are as safe as possible in schools but as the evidence shows- that is not the case at all. Your younger kids might be safe from these but your teenagers might not be. It is best that you use XNSPY’s location tracking and its call monitoring to make sure that your kids are not involved in anything dangerous.

Parents already have to worry about their kids when they go out and now they have to worry about them in schools too? Do not worry, XNSPY is here to help keep a more watchful eye on your kids!


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