Location Sharing is the New Normal—So Are You on Board?

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the market today and is one of the highest downloaded apps of all time. The app has become something of a cultural icon with businesses, schools and even corporations using it to promote themselves. The app is a fun way to interact with friends and family and lets you take silly pictures with face filters and colorful add-ons.  Snapchat—while was popular among teens and kids early on, really exploded into popularity when it first introduced the now iconic face-filters.

But after it introduced the face-filters, it later introduced another feature that raised a few eyebrows but also took the: the Snap Map. Snap Map basically allow anyone to see your current location on the map. Of course the people at Snap Inc. were smart enough to have only friends see your current location. That would not be a problem but what teens and kids do on Snapchat is that they add strangers as friends so that they might boost their ‘score’. Snapchat incentivizes its use by giving points or scores to people who perform certain actions and users try to get as many points as possible through whatever means they can.

What You Need to Know About Location Tracking in Other Apps

But Snapchat is not the only social media app doing this. Many apps allow for people to send their location almost instantly and without check. Apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger all have these capabilities. Speaking of Facebook Messenger, they also implemented the Snapchat like Snap Map feature known as Live Location quietly and no one even knew about it. This feature is basically identical to Snapchat’s Snap Map but here is the cherry on top, Facebook even gives you the quickest way to the your friends location by car, foot or public transport.

Now most of us have added people on Facebook as friends that we did not trust or did not even know. We did this as adults- imagine your kids or teens doing this and having strangers easily knowing their locations. Luckily for parents there are ways to know if your kids are being tracked or not and that is through the spying app XNSPY. XNSPY can help parents know who their children are keeping in contact with on every popular social media app available today.

Instagram—which is owned by Facebook secretly tracks the location of every picture you take, even if you do not wish to geo-tag your pictures. Anyone can see the photos you post through the photo map, especially if your profile is public. This is pretty worrisome for parents as most pictures their kids or even themselves might post to Instagram would be from work, school and especially home. Instagram has a direct message feature as well to which anyone can send messages.

So imagine your child receiving messages from a complete stranger saying that they might come over to your house if and when you—the parent are not home.  Being a child, they might even be coerced and manipulated into trusting these strangers and hiding their relationship with them from their parents. This of course can be avoided and even stopped if it has started if parents use the XNSPY spying app. XNSPY can allow every parent to view Instagram direct messages and help them to tackle problems.

Now these are the apps that have chosen to make their location tracking known to the public. And these also happen to be some of the biggest names in the app market today.  Imagine that so many similar apps but not as popular may also track your location without telling you or might even have an exploit that can enable other users to track your location. No one can ever really know for sure. But if something does happen, you can rest assured that XNSPY will be there to save your day.

Everyone’s Tracking—Why Aren’t You?

This location tracking is something that should be on every parent’s radar out there. When children share locations, they go against what they’d been taught not to do: give out our addresses—especially to strangers. Now with these social media apps we are basically inviting these strangers into our homes.  It is a growing problem that many of us need to address. A private life may be a thing of the past if these social media apps were to have their own way. They have already infiltrated every aspect of our lives and now intend to broadcast this to the entire world.

Parents are at a loss thinking what they should do. Obviously they cannot just take away their children’s internet access or even their smartphones as both of these are essential to everyday life now. So what parents can do is set up virtual boundaries and watchdogs for their children using the XNSPY app. This app too has location tracking but not like the social media apps do. The location tracking in this app lets parents know where their children are and also let parents set up virtual boundaries on the map which when crosses alerts parents.

These are only but a few of the features XNSPY offers. In order to combat the growing privacy problems, parents can take strict measures and ensure that their kids are safe by monitoring everything that they might do on their phones. Calls, call records, text messages, WhatsApp, Kik, tinder, Facebook Messenger, Instagram- the list goes on. XNSPY can track the messages, documents, photos give parents location tracking and history and even help them to set up certain words which when used can alert the parent.

So parents can rest assured if their kids are indeed in contact with strangers online, they can know about it instantly.

These location tracking social media apps have become the norm. Thankfully, parents have a mega location trackers with them, too to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their children for harm and threat.