XNSPY’s Keylogger Feature – Enhancing Child Monitoring Experience

XNSPY’s Keylogger Feature – Enhancing Child Monitoring Experience

 It goes without saying that the children of today have a digital life along with their physical life. This requires parents to take ‘digital’ measures as well. One cannot deny the fact that the parents and the children have a technological distance between them. Technology is ever evolving and is used in almost every aspect of our life now. Technology has become an integral part of education too as a result of which, children are exposed to technological devices in early age.

Digital Monitoring – Need of Today:

As a parent, one cannot let technological or any other reason to distance away from their children. Children are, after all, children. In order to grow up into responsible adults of tomorrow, they still need their parents to tell them where they are wrong. It is up to the parents to teach them morals and values and try to keep them safe. Experiences of the outside world are important too and no matter the dangers lurking in the cyber world, you cannot lock your children away. Your kids cannot stay in front of you at all times but what you can do is, stay aware.

This is where XNSPY comes into the picture with its diverse features such as GPS tracking, call logs, call recording and text messages monitoring. These features have enabled parents to take a much better approach regarding the monitoring needs of today. Parents can track where their children are going, restrict unsafe areas and inappropriate websites and words. For an enhanced monitoring experience, XNSPY has released new features for its Android users which have certainly added to the user experience and one of them is the keylogging feature.

XNSPY Keylogging:

Keylogging, basically, is the act of ‘logging in’ the keystrokes made on the device. As a parent of teenage kids, you need to be informed about the apps the kids are using nowadays for communicating. There are tons of apps out there and Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp being the popular ones. Kids remain connected to these apps all day long and as a result sometimes even neglect their studies because of it. XNSPY has taken care of that and parents, to limit screen time can even remotely lock the devices.Keylogger app for android

So how does this keylogging feature actually help in monitoring? Teenage is quite a vulnerable phase in a child’s life but at the same time, extremely important. There even comes a time in every parent’s life when they feel their child hates them. Teens tend to close up on their parents, become private and this is where they begin to seek comfort in the outside world among friends or strangers sitting behind their screens waiting on some frustrated teenager to confide in them. These are predators or pedophiles online who pretend to be sympathetic saying they understand everything – all the emotional changes related to this growing up phase.  And they are the ones, who can potentially harm your children if they do not indulge in conscious behavior on the internet or you, as parents, do not stay informed.

How Can Keylogging Help in Child Monitoring?

With the help of keylogging feature of XNSPY, parents can now monitor each keystroke made on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp – the popular messaging apps teenagers use today. This allows them to monitor each message sent while using this app and monitor the kind of conversations their kids are having. This way, even if the conversation is deleted, you would know what messages were sent. Remember, constant surveillance does no good either teens, being in the age they are, teens tend to become rebellious and would think you just don’t trust them.

But if you see signs that indicate that something might be going on with your teen, you have to step in. And using this amazing feature could help you get to the root cause of the problem your teen could be going through, which could be anything as emotional as a heartbreak or traumatic as cyber bullying or harassment. Knowing who they are talking to on these apps, other than their school friends, could tell you tons. Seeing the messages could get you knowledge about the kind of conversations your teenager is having online with these strangers.

Timely intervention could save both you and your children from any mishap in the future. If you are using the older version of the app, update it right away so that you can benefit from these great monitoring features.