15 ways to prepare yourself for 2020’s Black Friday Sales

Behold, because it is time for the biggest sale of the year; The Black Friday Sale. Be prepared to put your game face on because those deals will not last long. This year, the Black Friday date is on November 27th. It can be an exciting opportunity to score some good deals. However, it can be a stressful day for many if you have not prepared for it. Therefore, to make sure that you make the most of the day, here is a list that can guide you to prepare yourself for the biggest shopping day of the year.

  1. Pre-plan what you need. Buy a newspaper and read about all the local sales going on. This way you will get an idea about where you want to go and reduce the feeling of panic. Make a list of all the things that you want and the ones that you need. Once you have shopped for all the necessary things that you need, you can feel relaxed and look out for all the things that you want. Doing this would also prevent impulse buying.
  2. Look out for online coupons. Most retailers release special coupons for Black Friday. Make sure to search for coupons from all your favorite retailers before the big day. You can save up so much by using these coupons.
  3. Check Facebook for Black Friday themed pages. These pages feature giveaways for fans. For example, a page plans a giveaway when it reaches 20,000 fans.
  4. Familiarize yourself with store policies. Before the big day, make sure that you go through all your favorite store’s policies about price guarantees, returns, refunds, and price matching.
  5. Look out for Night Owl discounts. If you try to shop online in the pre-dawn hours of Black Friday, you would often find “web only” deals as early as Thanksgiving Eve. Many stores also open on Thursday at midnight with early bird promotions in the hopes of making money before the competition begins.
  6. Once you are done with your research and have your shopping list in your hand, we would advise you to leave your credit and debit cards at home. Bring cash to the sale so that it is impossible to deviate from the budget you have set. However, there are some advantages of bringing your credit and debit cards as well, as they give you cashback opportunities and rewards.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes. If you decide to shop by going to the stores physically, then you must be prepared to stand in a long cue by dressing up in your most comfortable wear. Be sure to put on warm clothes and shoes that you will be comfortable standing all day. Make sure to pack lots of masks and sanitizers with you to prevent catching an infection in the crowd.
  8. Wake up early. The best sales typically happen early in the morning. With the social distancing rules, stores are only allowing a fixed number of people inside at one time. That means that you might have to wait a lot for your turn if you reach the stores late. The best time is to arrive from 4 am to 5 am.
  9. There is an app for everything. If you have a smartphone, it can come to your help on Black Friday. You can download free apps on your phone like, TGI Black Friday and Black Friday Survival Guide. These bring Black Friday news and sales right to your phones.
  10. Keep a few snacks and drinks handy to keep your blood sugar levels up and to stay hydrated. This way you can prevent wasting time by going to the food court.
  11. Make sure to tag a friend along. Two people are always better to hunt down bargains than one. Having a friend with you would also allow you to take bathroom breaks while one person saves your space in the line.
  12. Check if your favorite stores are making their Black Friday sale prices available online. Because of the current pandemic, many retailers are encouraging online shopping. It is safe, convenient, and easy to manage. What is better than staying in your pj’s with your favorite cup of coffee and shop at home?
  13. Shop for gift cards. Do you have hard-to-please family and friends? Are you confused about what to get for them? Buying gift cards in one go is a lot easier than wandering in aisles and searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones. A gift card would save you the hassle and also let your friend select the best gift for themselves. Trust us, your friends will thank you for it.
  14. Avoid unsafe situations. Stampedes are frequent on Black Friday that can cause injuries to people. Avoid the hustle and stay back until the crowd settles. Keep your valuables close. Keep your cash, cell phones, and cards in an inside pocket of your clothing to avoid theft. Be careful in parking lots. Angry and distracted drivers are everywhere on Black Friday, so it is up to you to ensure your safety.
  15. Get gift receipts for every returnable purchase. You can ask for regular receipts as well that you can use for budgeting purposes. You might want to remember how much the item cost without having to go through your bank account statement.