3 Tips to Save Yourself Blues If Your Child Is Keeping Secrets

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Everyone keeps secrets, from kids to fully grownup adults. We usually don’t care much if an adult is having a secret life but why it’s worrisome if a child is having one? Because unlike adults, kids are naive and for that reason, they are not good with dealing with stress, pressure and obviously secrets that bring a heavy burden on their chest with them. It’s vital that parents ease off this distress of their kids by knowing their problems and providing necessary ailments.

Whether our kids lie about their whereabouts or attend a party without letting us know, the betrayal hurts badly. This way kids not only lose our trust but then we also have to confront a variety of creepy questions about their actions, whereabouts and safety. Tracking their smartphone is one simple way to know why your kid has been lying to you.

How monitoring can be a life-saver?

The cell phone that our kids use for communicating with friends over social media or to text others can also clue parents into certain potentially dangerous situations that our kids might put themselves in. By monitoring a child’s cell phone activity, we can clearly understand the reality behind their lies. Also, it’s easy to catch kids off-guard behind our backs when they are not highly conscious of being seen. And by catching lies, we don’t mean those typical teen lies like who are their crush or innocent white lies like “no dad your hair looks fine, they are not that gray”

The secrets that we are talking about can lead to risky or unsafe behavior and may include lies like:

  • Talking and dating strangers online
  • Hanging out with the wrong people
  • Their whereabouts
  • Surfing explicit and underage content online
  • Unhealthy and risky behavior like the use of drugs or eating disorders.
  • Bullying other kids online or being victimized by other bullies.

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3 Tips for Tracking a Smartphone of a secretive kid

Tracking smartphone activity of a secretive child is the best way to find out information without crossing the line.

Take a look at these three recommendations by XNSPY experts:

1.      Use a Smartphone Monitoring Software on Their Phones

Encouraging a monitoring app from the very beginning. This way, they can be guided towards learning the right smartphone skills. So the better they behave, the lesser monitoring that will be required.


2.      Choose a Monitoring App with Built-In GPS Tracking Service

If you have the clue that your kid has a habit of lying about their whereabouts, then always choose an app that has a built-in GPS tracker so whenever they leave house for some other place, you can always track their real-time location to determine if they are lying or not.

3.      Don’t Panic or Jump To Generalized Conclusions Immediately

Even if you have got some anomalous information on your kid’s phone, don’t react immediately. Give a try at understanding the context of the conversations before making a generalized conclusion. And lastly, never confront your kids directly. Always use a subtle and more natural way to introduce a topic to your child. Encourage your teen to discuss their problems and issues with you.




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