72 Retailers Will Be Closed Through Black Friday, But XNSPY Has Your Back

72 Retailers Will Be Closed Through Black Friday, But XNSPY Has Your Back

Looks like a lot of retailers are biting the bullet and choosing to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day as well as Black Friday.

After years and years of long and drawn out debates on the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the greed that these blow out sales tend to bring out in the best of us, some retailers have chosen to remain closed on one of the nation’s biggest holidays.

In the past, retailers have gone to all sorts of extremes to bump up their sales come Black Friday. They have gone so far as to open as early as 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. And they were well received, too. People lined outside of Kmart in the early hours on Thanksgiving 2013 in the hopes of getting a good deal on their favorite flat screen TV or whatever it is they came for. The weirdest part was that Kmart remained operational for 41 hours straight without closing. They were operational from Thanksgiving morning through Black Friday.

It was tactics like these from retailers that stirred quite the Facebook debate. Because you know how it is in this day and age. If you’re suitably outraged about something, you post a rant about it on Facebook. So rant people did about what it means to truly celebrate the great American tradition of Thanksgiving. The holiday, by its very name, was intended so families can get together over a nice meal and learn to… well, give thanks. But then you had these amazing, once in a lifetime kind of sales happening all around you and hey, isn’t it also great American to be the best consumer you can be? Slowly but surely, the holiday began transitioning from a celebration of football and gluttony to one of sales and greed.

Until now.

Retailers have started to realize that when they put together these stupendous sales that attract crowds by the thousands and inspires in them their animalistic instinct to grab and be territorial, there are a lot of people involved to make this possible. For instance, there is the sales staff. Not a lot of people are willing to work through the holidays. Can you imagine just how much someone would need the extra money if they’re choosing to brave through a Black Friday blow out sale? Not only do they have to make their way through unruly crowds and their tantrums, they work unnaturally long hours. This means they don’t get to go out and have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with their families like the rest of the country.

Then of course, you’ve got the crowds. The sale shoppers that emerge in huge numbers, abandoning old holiday traditions like family time or a nice meal. I suppose retailers have started to realize that they’ve instigated that change in tradition; that they’ve compelled people to get out of their homes and fight over the last remaining Blu-Ray player on a 70% discount when they should be at home being grateful for the things they do have.

Now, am I a traditionalist? Certainly not. But it’s funny how Thanksgiving has become the opposite of what it is supposed to be. Do I think businesses shouldn’t take advantage of Black Friday sales? Certainly not. I’m just saying there has to be a better way of managing out of control sale shoppers who become territorial, sometimes borderline violent.

And guess, what?

Even though more than 72 mall operators will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, the revenue generated from the 5-day weekend will continue to rise. That is the power of technology, my friends.

For instance, we here at XNSPY have always provided you with online Black Friday offers. This means you get to stay at home and have your holiday family time, and never miss out on sales and all the amazing offers as well. I mean, I get it. We are all human. And not all of us are born millionaires. So we get excited when we hear about the fact that the flat screen TV we’ve never been able to afford is now finally without our reach. We all want good things for ourselves and our families. However, I really do think that we as a nation needed to take a step back and evaluate the kind of example we’re setting. From financial fraud that goes on well past the Black Friday weekend, to exhausted drivers who work through all 5 days to put food on their tables, we really needed to chill out.

Online shopping should be the way to go on these days. We’re just glad that XNSPY can give you all the holiday benefits and one of our finest Black Friday offers yet. And that we’ll do it hassle free, no queues required.


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