84 Percent Parents in the World are Still Not Using Parental Controls!

84 Percent Parents in the World are Still Not Using Parental Controls!

A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center has found that only 16% parents actually use parental controls to watch over and monitor their children’s digital behavior. This means that 84% are still either unaware that monitoring tools exist, or they do not understand the full consequences of parental negligence in the online world. Another thing that this survey found was the fact that parents are still inclined towards using traditional monitoring methods—such as taking devices away.

In all honesty, we consider this situation as a challenge. We have always wanted to educate parents everywhere on the importance of mobile monitoring. But how do we think it is better than traditional monitoring? Let’s take a look.

The Shortfalls of Traditional Monitoring

According to the survey, the “traditional” methods parents adopt for tech monitoring are:

  • Taking the child’s devices away
  • Setting time limits to usage aka cyber curfews
  • Asking for the child’s smartphone passcodes, and other passwords
  • Friending them on social media

Now, all of these are pretty good parenting techniques. They are techniques that we endorse, interestingly. However, without parental controls, they do not amount to much. Taking the child’s device away for a particular period of time does not eliminate problematic behavior… it simply delays it for some time.

Consider this: if you are not even aware of what your child is doing on their devices, what good are cyber curfews or knowing a child’s password? Parental controls give you the knowledge to make informed decisions as a parent.

How Are Parents Today Monitoring?

Some of the survey results regarding a parent’s monitoring behavior can be seen below:

From these results, I think a silver lining does exist—at the very least; parents have started to become more aware about the importance of digital involvement. From the charts, we can see that 61% parents check in on the websites the kids visit, and 60% check their social media profiles. Like we pointed out in our earlier blogs, the “adult Millennials” so to speak have started to become parents. And then of course, we’ve got parents of Gen-Z, whose kids have been born into the smartphone world. Perhaps it is the combined tech awareness of these generations that have lent to this change.

A Greater Need for Parental Controls

The truth of the matter is that all this awareness will amount to nothing if parents are not using the tools and technology available to them to be responsible. Our job at XNSPY is to keep reminding you guys why parental controls are absolutely necessary. We share with you consequences of negligence from the news. We share stories that other parents tell us. Our goal is to educate parents that in this connected age, there is a greater need for parental controls than ever before. And if you’ve been doing so, you should pass on the torch to another parent as well!


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