A Crash Course on Using Your Smartphone to Become a Smart Parent

A Crash Course on Using Your Smartphone to Become a Smart Parent

It is never going to be easy being a parent. Kids will always be a handful and will almost all of the time try and one-up you. In this day and age of social media and smartphones and the internet, parents are being left behind at a rate faster than anyone could have imagined.  Since the kids are growing up with all this new technology they pick up its nuances pretty easily whereas parents who did not have technology growing up still have a hard time picking up how to use it.

Kids these days are almost always interacting with technology be it their iPads, iPhones, their computers or whatever else they might have. But the number one technology used most by children and even teens are smartphones. Smartphones have replaced desktop computers are the primary form of access to the internet for many kids from all around the world.

As a parent this narrows down what you have to search for in order to keep your children in line. Remember, a good parent is NOT a friend but a good parent. Too many parents allow their kids leeway to do things they should not just so they can win their friendship but what they do not realize is that their children may end up using this ‘friendship’ to pull the wool over their eyes and deceive them. Fortunately, tools like XNSPY allow for parents to keep up to date with their kids. These tools like XNSPY put parents on the fast track to learn what their kids are doing and what they might use to deceive you.

Keeping up with kids is getting harder and harder everyday as technology moves ahead faster and faster. Fortunately, there are many tools online that will help a parent.

What Parents Need to Do Exactly

Parent need not worry as they have the tools available to them; they need to familiarize themselves with the easy to learn features and they can start their way to being a smart parent.

So what exactly is a smart parent? Well a smart parent is a parent who keeps up to date with what their children are doing, what technology they are using and who they are keeping in contact with.  A smart parent might accomplish all of this by simply monitoring their child’s internet usage through their smartphone.

You’ll need to narrow down what they are doing on each of their apps. You can pretty easily do this with XNSPY and its array of features.  You need to install XNSPY on your own and your child’s phones and this way you will be able to monitor what they are doing and who they are interacting with online.

Know where they are Going

Too many parents will allow their teenage children to go out at night to parties and other events which is not necessarily a bad thing to do but you never know when your kids might use this as an opportunity to deceive you and go somewhere else. It becomes your responsibility as a parent to know where they are headed even if you do not intend to do anything with the information. Fortunately for parents, applications like XNSPY will allow them to safely and secretly track their children’s location as well as look at messages, images and documents they might send or receive on their phones on various messaging apps.

So XNSPY’s tracking can help you to check if your kids are lying to you or not.

Know Who They Are Messaging

It is a scary thought to think that your children might be in contact with sexual predators online and that thought is completely justified because the internet has made it infinitely easier for them to contact and solicit explicit imagery from children. Children even contact their favorite personalities on YouTube and things like this end up happening.

So you need to constantly keep every interaction they have online and let them know that you are monitoring them. Of course you can stop doing this when you feel they have reached an appropriate age but until then you can use XNSPY’s great functionalities to help you to become a better and more observant parent. XNSPY helps you to observe some of the most popular apps today such as Snapchat, Instagram, kik, WhatsApp and more. XNSPY allows users to monitor sent and received messages and images as well. This can help parents identify and monitor their children’s activities online.

Knowing who your children message online can also help a parent in keeping their children safe.

Know What Sites they are Visiting

Their online activities are not limited to their phones and the applications they use. Internet browsing history and emails can give you a great insight into the lives and interactions your children may have online. Internet browsing history especially can tell you what your kids are exactly doing and you can use that information to better take care of you children and make sure that they are not deceiving you.

You can use another great feature of XNSPY to alert you if and when certain keywords appear in their online interactions.  So for example: the word ‘drug’ appears in their search terms, as a parent you will be immediately notified via text/email alerts.

Keeping up with your children is not as hard as it may sound especially if you have the right tools. Within days you can learn how to use and put into use XNSPY’s great features into use. As a parent you need to keep yourself up to date with every major technology development that directly affects your home life and the life of your kids. Tools like XNSPY and others help a parent to keep up with their kid’s lives and help them to go toe to toe with them. This way you can never be deceived by them and build a stronger relationship with your kids based on a foundation of truth and transparency.