A Dedication to all XNSPY Moms on Mother’s Day 2016

A Dedication to all XNSPY Moms on Mother’s Day 2016

It’s time of the year when we celebrate our most cherished partners—the XNSPY Moms. With their ferocious energy and their unparalleled dedication to raising their kids in the best way, they have continued to inspire us, inform us and make us better. So this blog is dedicated to them, for their endless efforts, their fierce commitment, and their willingness to keep on learning.

Throughout the year, these amazing XNSPY mothers have shared their parenting techniques with us. And you know what? We’ve been enlightened on the many ways our app can be used that we ourselves did not realize. I find that quite amazing, but it only goes to show that XNSPY has become a community of sorts, and these mothers captain the ship.

Here are 3 instances where our techy mothers gave us a lesson in parenting the right way.

The Mom Who Used a Mobile Tracker

This Mom shared on our blog a powerful and deeply personal story about how her son had to suffer at the hands of bullies and how she found an ally with her mobile tracker. Her story was in particular striking to us because we’ve taking about XNSPY as a preventative measure to cyberbullying on countless occasions. But what we tend to overlook is that many times, in person, physical bullying exists just as many times as cyberbullying and that XNSPY can be used to counter both. This mother amazingly used the GPS tracker to find her son who had been whisked away and assaulted by his bullies.

We salute both her ability to use technology in dire circumstances and her bravery to go on looking for her son when she didn’t know what to expect.

The Mom Who Savvy With WhatsApp Monitoring

This Mom really inspired us because she was the epitome of the kind of mothers we are trying to empower. These are the mothers who may not have grown up in the technological era, who may not be as familiar with smartphones or know much about what’s popular on the internet. But these women know that in order to be better mothers, they need to get over their tech phobia and learn modern parenting techniques. We loved this mother’s spirit because she did not stop learning. Her inquisition of modern day parental controls brought her to our homepage. In this case, particularly to our WhatsApp spy app.

This Mom is an example to everyone out there who is afraid they’re out of touch and can’t get with the technology of today. Be as forward thinking and bold as this mom!

The Mom Who Shared the Perils of Oversharing

This Mom gave us all a lesson into the perils of oversharing. She candidly shared the story of her teenage daughter who was a bit of a selfie addict. All her selfies would end up on social media, where they ended up being exploited by third parties who turned her into a meme, mocked her, and reposted her photo on inappropriate websites. The mother gave our readers pointers on how to look after the social media profiles of our children and what can be done to overcome oversharing on the internet. We love this mom because she not only presented a story, she went one step further and gave us pointers on what would’ve helped solve this situation and what others should do when they’re facing a similar situation.

This Mom is the empowered XNSPY mother who introduces us to new parenting techniques which only serves to add to our knowledge.

As always, we are open to stories and lessons on parenting from all of our readers. But on this particular day, we want to celebrate the mothers who are at the heart of this blog.

And so, to all those mothers, I’d like to offer my heartiest; Happy Mother’s Day!


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