A Definitive Guide to Spying on Android Without Rooting

A Definitive Guide to Spying on Android Without Rooting

Tracking a person’s phone activity becomes necessary for monitoring and elucidating suspicion. Installing an Android tracking app without root is the conventional method of spying on a device. However, gaining access to someone’s phone is not always simple. People don’t usually leave their phones unattended.

If you want to know how to spy on Android without rooting, keep reading this blog. We will tell you about a spy app for Android without rooting that you can use for extensive spying purposes.

Is it Possible to Use an Android Phone Without Rooting?

Rooting, in simple words, is the process of bypassing a phone’s administrative system to maximize its capabilities. If your mobile device is rooted, you have complete control over the phone’s operating system. However, your operating system will be less stable, you will lose your warranty, and your device security will be compromised.

But don’t worry. As of 2022, the Android OS has improved. It is becoming faster and more powerful than previous OS versions. And if you want to keep an eye on another person’s activities, you can do that with an Android no root spy app, XNSPY.

Why Use XNSPY Spy App for Android Without Rooting?

If we compare XNSPY to other spy apps, not only is it the most affordable, but it also offers a variety of features that most spy Android phones without root apps don’t offer. Xnspy is also compatible with Android OS version systems versions 4.0 to 12, unlike its competitors’ offerings.

The data XNSPY collects is easy to access from any internet-ready device. Everything is uploaded to your Xnspy web account. You can view anything from calls, texts, social media, location, and browsing history in real-time, depending on the package you subscribe to.

The owner of the target device will not know anything since Xnspy works discreetly in stealth mode. Xnspy’s pricing model is far more affordable than other spy apps, with its premium package being $7.49 a month.

How Can You Install the Android Tracking App Without Root?

Mentioned below is a simple Android spy without a root download and installation process.

Step 1: Subscribe to Xnspy

Select a subscription plan on the XNSPY website. You will receive an email containing the download URL, an activation code, credentials for your web account, and an installation guide.

Step 2: Download Xnspy

You would need physical access to the target phone to install the app. Using the download URL, install the app and add the activation code. The process will be over in a few minutes.

Step 3: Log in to Xnspy

To access your web account from your PC or Xnspy dashboard app on the Play Store, log in to https://cp.xnspy.com/ by entering your login credentials.

Step 4: Check your dashboard to start monitoring

On your dashboard, you will see a menu on your left-hand side from which you can choose to see anything you like from the phone, whether it is text messages, phone logs, photos, location, or even IMs.

Features That Await You—Use Xnspy!

You can only have complete access to a phone if you install a spy app. Xnspy allows you to view everything stored on the phone. You will require physical access to the device for about 5 minutes, but to prevent the target person from finding out, you can hide the app as well. An Android spy without root is convenient.

An Android No Root Spy App has the following features:


1. Keylogging

You can remotely record all the keystrokes on the target phone on WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Skype.

2. Surround Recording

You can activate the target phone’s microphone by sending a remote command and recording the surrounding sounds of everything that goes on around them. You can access these recordings from your dashboard.

3. Location Tracking

You can track the location of the target phone and check where it is at different points in time. You can also track location history logs.

4. Remote Control

You can remotely control the target device by sending commands to lock the device, erase its data, and take live screenshots.

5. Monitor Internet Browsing History

You can track the web browsing history and see how many times the websites were visited and the number of times they were accessed.

6. Monitor Text Messages

You can remotely read all the sent and received text messages on the target device. You can also view the time and date stamps along with the contact details.


How can I control other phones remotely?

It is possible to remotely control another person’s phone by installing a spy app as long as the device is connected to the internet. The target person will not find out about its installation and you can remotely control the target phone, wipe its data, and lock the device.

Is rooting harmful for Android?

No. You can continue using the Android device after rooting normally. However, you may have to exercise some caution. If the process goes wrong, your phone can become a brick and turn useless. An incorrect process can compromise the device’s security and take away its warranty. It can also disturb the device’s operating system and make it less stable.

Does rooting erase data?

Rooting doesn’t have any effect on a device’s data. However, if you want to root your Android device, you want to make sure you have made a backup. Though the process won’t wipe your data, it can erase some user-installed apps because it involves unlocking the bootloader. Therefore, before rooting your device, you should back up everything.

How can I spy on Android?

An Android spy without root download is easy with Xnspy. The app operates in stealth mode, so the person you spy on will not find out. You can track their calls, texts, multimedia, social media, instant messenger activity, location, and more. You can access everything from your web-based dashboard.

Is rooting an Android phone illegal? Yes, rooting your phone is legal. However, once you have attained administrative privileges and your phone experiences a malfunction or some other issue, you can’t do much because your device will have lost its warranty. So, make a backup if you plan to root your Android device.