A Master Class in Organization with XNSPY Parental Monitoring for iPhone

A Master Class in Organization with XNSPY Parental Monitoring for iPhone

If you’re a working mom like me, time is perhaps more valuable to you than any other asset of your day. Apart from keeping your job and being good at it, you’ve got to run errands, make sure the kids get up and get to school on time, and eat healthy when they get back home. But then, you’ve also got to do some real parenting, and that includes making sure they are doing well at school, that their mental wellness, along with their physical wellness is on point. That they aren’t getting themselves into trouble and that they are following a schedule that is overall good for them.

But all of this can be rather scattered and chaotic when your own schedule is all over the place. So let’s but some organization in that chaos. I found that incessant schedule making and sticky note putting routines can be helpful, but redundant. So I’ve started using the iPhone monitoring software instead. It is a more tech forward approach to parenting, and one that I particularly enjoy employing. Today, I’m going to share with you exactly how it works and how you, too, can organize your kid’s day using it.

XNSPY as a Curfew Setter

What I really like about my iPhone monitoring app is that it comes with a “lock phone” feature. This means that I can remotely lock my child’s device without even touching their phones. This may sound like a pretty basic, useless feature at first. But if you think about it, it works really well as a curfew monitor. Basically, my kids spend a lot of time on their iPhone playing video games, talking to their friends and other such foolery. So when it is their designated time to study, I lock their phones straight away and they know that their messing around time is over. Similarly, I make sure they are going to bed at a reasonable time so that they get the right amount of sleep young boys of their age need.

XNSPY as a GPS Monitor

XNSPY also comes with GPS tracking. What I love about this app is that I never had to jailbreak my kid’s iPhones for it to work. I simply installed it on their phones as per usual, then signed in with the iCloud accounts I helped them set up when I first got them their phones. Anyway, the GPS tracker works wonders, before I always know where they are. I know what amount of time they are spending outside of school doing productive stuff, and how much time they are spending doing leisure stuff. A healthy dose of both sides is good. At the same time, the GPS tracker keeps me informed of their safety at times when I am at the office.

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XNSPY as a Mommy Alarm

The app also comes with a useful feature called the Watchlist, which basically works as a trigger alarm. You basically set alarms that would trigger you as a parent. So for example, these could be specific places you don’t like—like their friend Jimmy’s house, or the ice cream shop that you heard once had a robbery. So you put virtual fences around these locations and you get an alarm if your child ever does go to these places. Similarly, you can also add in triggers for certain words that you feel are iffy, like swear words or words “beer” or “drunk” or anything else that you feel like would be part of a conversation your child should not be having.

Just in Time Parenting!

What iPhone monitoring software has helped me do most of all is be lean in my organization. Previously, I had to pull out my schedules and see what time the kids were getting off from soccer practice, what time I had to drop them off for tutoring, what time they were supposed to be revising. Now, I can simply streamline everything with the help of this really useful app in parenting, and I don’t even have to jailbreak their phones. So if you’re looking to take your parenting up a notch by becoming a more organized parent, try XNSPY and you’ll be well on your way.


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