A Very Happy Thanksgiving from the Folks at XNSPY

A Very Happy Thanksgiving from the Folks at XNSPY

It is the night of giving thanks. It just so happens that it comes with a tableful of food and a living room full of football enthusiasts. But hey, that’s tradition, and we’re not complaining. But while we’re basting that turkey and stirring the cranberry sauce, we thought this year we’d do something different. Instead of telling you what you should be talking to your kids about, we are going to tell you what we, the folks at XNSPY are thankful for.

We’re Thankful for Our Team

We’ve got an amazing team; that is for sure. When we first started out, we were just a group of people that loved to create and bring in new ideas. We wanted to empower people through technology. And I think in that time, we’ve stayed true to our roots. And we’ve come so far! In a short time, we’ve added plenty of new features such as Kik monitoring and Live Screenshots. Our think tanks are always buzzing, always trying to find out what it is that our customers need. Also, in a short time, we’ve gone global! XNSPY is available in four different languages now—English, German, Portuguese and Spanish. And none of this would have been possible if we didn’t have the most remarkable group of developers, designers and marketers. We are thankful for our team.

We’re Thankful for the Blogger’s Community

This blog has been a fantastic portal. It is taken a life of its own. It is a platform for parents to share their stories. It is a place for us to give you tips and keep you informed about the latest in tech. It is a place where we can solve your problems. It is a place where other blogs like us can share their ideas and create a community. It is a place where you have a voice. We never could have imagined this blog becoming so alive, but it has. And it is because of the amazing parents, caregivers, employers, small business owners, and other parenting and management blogs that have made up our blogger’s community. We are thankful to them.

We’re Thankful for You

But all our efforts would have been for naught if it weren’t for you guys. The vivacious parents, eager to learn more, never far in their thirst for knowledge on tech and the app market. The savvy entrepreneurs, looking for newer, exciting ways to manage their business, their operations and their employees. You’ve made XNSPY what it is today. It has become something that connects parents with their kids through their formative years as they discover themselves. And it is the personal assistant every entrepreneur needs to give them the assurance that managing employees doesn’t have to be so hard. We are thankful to every single one of you.

Xnspy never backs away from new and exciting updates. For details of a fresh Press Release direct from the oven, let’s have a peak into the details. So while the turkey is ready to head to the table and you’ve revving for the Packer’s game, let us take a moment to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving from everyone at XNSPY!


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