Countdown to XNSPY Black Friday—Fun 2015 Thanksgiving Hacks for Parents

Countdown to XNSPY Black Friday—Fun 2015 Thanksgiving Hacks for Parents

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving. And that means, like always, XNSPY has exciting news planned for you this Black Friday. So we are going to be counting the days with very festive blogs that will help you plan the best Thanksgiving ever.

For 2015, here are some hacks that you’re going to find useful when planning your Thanksgiving.

Make Sure You Stock in on Groceries

So, this holiday seems to be all about the gluttony, doesn’t it? It requires a whole lot of cooking, and often times you find that you’ve forgotten one ingredient or the other. When you go out to get it at the last minute and find out it is out of stock. Please, plan ahead. Don’t be the last minute parent. Lucky for you, there are a lot of downloadable grocery lists for Thanksgiving that the good people of the internet have compiled for you. Take these with you at least a week ahead and stock up.

Plan Your Cooking Thoroughly

Another thing you’re going to want to do is plan out your cooking like you’re prepping for a big game. Take out a sketchpad if you must and lay out your operations. What would this be? For starters, you can make a lot of the side dishes ahead of time. Make your cranberry sauce, chop up your green beans, measure out your stuffing and store until needed. Finally, for the actual day, you’ll need a bigger game plan. The one we’ve linked you gives you a blow by blow of all the things you need to prep one week before and gives you the complete cooking times so you won’t be running in circles while your family awaits.

Get Kids Involved With Cooking and Cleanup

Gets your kids involved wherever you can. This site has a few kid friendly ideas for all ages so you know which activities are safe for your kids to get involved in and which are not. For example, you can get your kids to measure out the pumpkin pie dough for you. Similarly, they can help you in making the cranberry sauce, or mixing together the Turkey stuffing while you’re chopping up or basting.

Plan Your Travels Ahead of Time

If you plan to travel this Thanksgiving, make a road map. Make a checklist of the things you’ll need. For the way, make sure you’ve got snacks and enough activities to keep your kids entertained for the drive. While you’re at your destination, make sure your kid doesn’t stray far. We’ve got a child locator on our parental control app which will help you track your kids no matter where you are.

We are so excited for you to find out about our Black Friday offer. And we cannot wait to get this holiday season started.

Do you have any Thanksgiving hacks you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!


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