Easter 2018: Safety guide for Holidaymakers to stay away from Easter Scams

Easter has always been the time for family fun, egg hunts, and colorful parties. As joyful as this holiday is, it also attracts lots of scams. And this year, Easter falls on April fool’s day which means there will be countless cons waiting to take advantage of you. Regardless of who you are, whether you are a parent of a kid who is coming home on the Easter holiday from college in another state, a father coming from his job or just a savvy consumer, here are the things you need to be on the guard for:

Travel scams

Well, on Easter, you will have to pay a premium for any last-minute travel bookings. Lots of fraudsters are waiting to exploit the holidaymakers by advertising false holiday accommodation deals on social media and the web. These scammers request you to send copies of your ID and even bank details to commit identify theft later on. It’s easy to overlook such scams when you are desperate to come home.

These tips can help you stay away from them:

  • Always book travel accommodations 3 months in advance. You may even qualify for discounts.
  • Use accredited travel websites to reserve an accommodation.
  • Call the publically advertised phone numbers to confirm the availability.
  • Never send bank account details or personal information to private email addresses.
  • Look for suspicious behavior. Usually, scam emails have foreign phone numbers and bad grammar.

If anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Do you know the hospitality industry is the second most targeted industry for cybercrime? Be careful with the data you share when signing up for a travel or tourism site. You never know when your teen or tween is passing confidential information while making a flight reservation to come home. But you can keep an eye on their web searches and emails using Xnspy and help them stay out of trouble.

Child trafficking

Security is always tight ahead of Easter and you should take personal measures for keeping your loved ones safe too. Last year, three children were intercepted by the immigration officers at the OR Tambo International Airport. There was a male individual who was leaving the country with these kids with fraudulently acquired travel documents.

You can protect yourself and your loved ones by having Xnspy installed on all phones and use its GPS tracking feature to stay in touch with one another. You can see their location history and current location whenever you want without even contacting them.

 Money matters

You should be more than alert and vigilant on the matters of money.  Here are a few smart ways of handling money while traveling:

  • Always take less luggage with you. Carry a handbag that has a cross body strap so that you can hold your belongings when you have to pass through busy crowds.
  • Share your updates about travel with your family members. Use Xnspy to stay connected. Also, notify your bank and let them know where you are headed and what timeframe you will be using your credit card.
  • Save all the receipts and keep on checking your account statements. If you see any suspicious transactions contact your bank.
  • Use your card at all retail stores securely. In case your card is lost or stolen, notify your bank and request a new card.

Growing traffic queues

As the Easter long weekend approaches, traffic becomes sick. Even though winter is over, but at this time of the year, due to unpredictable weather, the road conditions are still challenging. Before you head out on the road, check the weather as well as the situation of the traffic. Don’t forget to check your car’s engine oil, tires, and lights. You don’t want your loved ones to be worried about you every second till you reach home safely now, do you? It would be great to have Xnspy installed on your phone so that your loved ones can check your location time to time.

Keep a close eye on your gadgets

Easter parties can be pretty crowded and when kids are running and playing around the house, it’s easy to lose track of your phone and tablet. But this problem can be solved if all your devices have the Xnspy app. In case you lose your phone, you can log into your Xnspy web account and determine the current location of your device. If unfortunately, your phone or tablet is stolen, using Xnspy, you can remove all the data remotely or even lock it.

Don’t let scams ruin your Easter celebrations. Safety should be your top priority on this occasion. Have a peaceful holiday Y’all!