This year, the 4th of July is falling on Wednesday that would make it a bit difficult for the parents to make a getaway if they work a full-time job. Right in the middle of the summer, people greatly anticipate 4th of July and especially kids. As kids are enjoying summers, they have a lot of hours to fill.

Being out of school and all, it is a real job for working parents to keep them as busy, entertained and happy as possible. Tough right?

The 4th of July is the ultimate United States holiday and it calls for parties, barbecues, fireworks and quality time with friends and family. No matter whether you are arranging a big backyard gathering or a small picnic, it can get complicated as there are expenses involved too. Everyone would want to have a smooth uneventful 4th July and enjoy it with a bang.

As this year’s 4th of July is falling in the mid of the week, it might get a bit difficult to plan a last-minute getaway. The prices on both the hotels and airfare are going to cost you. A lot. You could have an old-fashioned barbecue with a twist of new this year and spend a great time with your friends and family to enjoy this holiday while staying on a budget. Even though great fun, holidays tend to get hectic and also cause stress.

You and your kids could have a bit different yet memorable 4th of July this year by following great ideas:

Block Party:

Rather than having the same old grill fest, you could do something different this year by arranging a block party. All of your family and friends can join. Assign each of the families who are participating in the block party a specific food or drink. The party has to move on. Literally. The fun part is that this won’t burden one household as you can keep the party moving between the houses. You could keep the things festive by indulging your kids in super-easy and creative DIY 4th of July decoration ideas.


Hot dogs, burgers, and beer are good enough for the adults. You, together with your friends could put your own twist on tradition if you want. Serve the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs with a condiment bar that features a variety of mustards, ketchup, and sauces. You could also add sliced or chopped onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. You could also serve marinated grilled chicken on rolls instead for having a non-conventional take on the traditional 4th of July grub.

Don’t forget the kids! While serving the main course, keep kids-friendly salads too like pasta salad, potato salad, and coleslaw. A fresh veggie platter (sliced cucumber, sweet peas, baby carrots, bell paper slices) served with an assortment of dips like ranch and hummus. Desert has to be themed so do experiment and add blue, white and red to the cupcakes, toppers etc. Serve diced or sliced fresh fruit.

Play Ball:

One to two games are enough for the kids or they will drain out their energies lot sooner. You could organize a fun day at the park or the local field. Kids love going to the park and this can be easily arranged with friends and family. Assign two teams: red and blue. The teams could wear tees of the same color as their respective teams. Pack a cooler with snacks and sandwiches to munch on with beverages. For kids, instead of fruity drinks only, make a sure that they drink lots of water as water keeps them energized for longer periods of time.

Go for free firework show:

Rather than driving the neighborhood dogs crazy with the at-home fireworks, you could opt for a free firework show. By attending a public display, you will not only save some cash but the kids will get to enjoy and celebrate with a lot of people around. It adds to the celebration factor. With some research, you can easily find a free firework event in your area. Or what’s more, take a blanket, snacks and your fireworks to some open field and have your own private firework show.

Go to picnic:

If you want to do something other than a barbecue bash, you could have a quality time with your kids and close family by planning a picnic by a lake, top of a mountain or a park close by. You could prepare finger foods and get your kids involved. There are a number of easy 4th of July recipes you could try. If there are lots of kids, plan some fun games or download few printable games like a scavenger hunt or a trivia about Independence Day. A healthy informational quiz could be really fun, the kids could be given 4th of July themed giveaways and prizes.

Avail 4th of July Discount:

Retailers offer some amazing discounts and sales that are definitely worth a try. You could pick up some back-to-school stuff at really affordable prices. Things are really cheap around the 4th of July. Independence discounts can be availed online too!

If your kids are older, make sure that the plans they make are safe and the people they hang out with are trustworthy.  You could install Xnspy on their phones and make sure that they stay in safe zones by monitoring their activities.

Have a great 4th of July!