Here’s How to Ensure Social Media Safety if You’re New to Smart Tech

As promised, here is Part 2 of our “Tech Phobic Parent” account. This blog is a direct continuation, so make sure you’ve read Part 1, or else you won’t be able to make sense of the story!

The internet has a darker side and I understand why. I don’t have to be a social media expert to tell you that. On the internet, kids are not face to face with one another. They are hidden behind their computers and behind the words of their keyboards. They are not speaking to each other in person. Just through words on a computer screen. This releases their inhibitions, rids them of any social protocol they follow when they are actually in a physical interaction setting. Therefore, they feel like they can do anything, say anything, express themselves in any way. Moreover, there are no mediating bodies online. There are no teachers on the playground watching over the kids. Neither are there parents present making sure their kids don’t misbehave. There is no one to run to and complain if something has gone wrong. This also gives the children a chance to be reckless. No one is there to check on the kind of language being used. No one to spot when one child is being cruel to the other.

I soon learnt that I understood social media much better than I thought I did. I am a parent after all. I have all the mother’s instinct I need to guide my way through. I don’t need to be any sort of tech whiz at all. All I’ve got to do is keep my children secure. So I went online and found out that I could monitor my children’s online activities much better if I use an iPhone monitoring app. I would just have to install it onto their phones and then monitor their activities through an online account. Then the only thing I would have to do is read. Let me explain.

The parental control I used was XNSPY and hence I am sharing my experience on this blog. XNSPY basically uploads everything that my child is doing on their iPhones onto my account. I essentially have every single function that my daughter performs reported to me. This includes:

  • Her text messages. I can read every single one of them.
  • Her Facebook messages. Once more, I can see every one of them, sent and received.
  • Her instant messages. This consists of WhatsApp, Tinder, Kik, Viber, Skype and Line.
  • Her browser data. I can see what websites she is visiting.
  • Her email. I can see what emails she sends and receives.
  • Her exact location. I can track her through a GPS system and view her location history.

Fundamentally, I can read through all her messages to make sure that she isn’t being bullied. At the same time, I can make sure that she isn’t seeking out places to visit online where she can be hurt. Whenever she gets into a situation with her friends, I tell her to log off and do something positive instead. I have also taken this matter with parents of other children who are in my daughter’s class. They all agree that we’ve got to work together to solve the cyberbullying issue, at least in our school, or at the very least, in our children’s classrooms. Parents have to take responsibility of their kid’s behaviors. Kids are malleable; they tend to do things that would make them appear “cool” with their mates. Parents have to be the ones to correct their behaviors, even in the online world.

At the very end, this Apple spy helped me become a modern parent. It helped me get over my fear of technology that I was harboring because it showed me that it is not all that tough. And I learnt that if I can monitor my child’s social media, I can make one of my own! I have started using Facebook and Twitter. I follow my children on these platforms as well so that I can be informed of what happens on it firsthand as well apart from my parental control. Apart from that, using these platforms myself has given me a better understanding of how they work. I understand what areas tend to need more monitoring than others. And above all, it has given me a better understanding of where the world is headed today, at least as far as my children as concerned.

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