How Radical Parents are Failing their Teens

For this blog post, I will be talking about different radical parenting methods and how they are influencing kids. Too many parents fail to understand their teens. They expect them to just skip on their adolescence and jump straight to adulthood, without any experimentation, mistakes or blemishes on their school transcripts.

Read through and ask yourself, “Which radical parent am I?”

Helicopter Parenting

You will see helicopter parents, waiting outside their kids’ classroom, checking on the latest exam grades. They have the tendency to ‘hover’ around their kids so to prevent any sort of mishap. This genre of parents are ‘forever’ monitoring their kids especially in their academic achievements. They will make regular calls at school to know about their kids’ performance and whereabouts.

What’s so flawed about his parenting attitude is that parents are over-involved in their kids’ life. They don’t let kids to learn from their mistakes. Kids who grow up under helicopter parenting are as nervous as their parents, says Erika Krull, a mental health counsellor.

Parents obsessed with 24/7 monitoring can use smartphone parental controls. They work without intruding your teen’s privacy.

Teacup Parenting

These parents are ‘forever’ consulting doctors for their kids. They treat them as if they were fragile teacups. Even a small bruise or the sound of a sniffle will make them worry like hell. Even when kids grow up, they can cut loose their habit of excessively worrying for their kids.

The positive side with these parents is that they are extremely caring. The minus side is that they leave no space for their children to learn, as it is with Helicopter parenting. Raise a self-reliant child with these 6 tips from

Unconditional Parenting

‘You will only get a candy when you do your homework’ or ‘stop teasing your brother or you are going straight to your room’ are just few of the many examples of unconditional parenting. The author of ‘unconditional parenting’, Alfie Kohn says,’ this kind of behavior from parents leave a message to their kids that they only love them for doing the right things’.

Parenting the Right Way

There is no perfect parenting method, as each on of it has its ups and downs. Free-range kids’ movement by Lenore Skenazy wants to change the ‘not-so-successful’ parenting styles. She believes free play outside can bring positive changes to learning and development of kids. However, a few decade ago, it would have sounded perfectly fine but it seems like scary to leave kids on their own in parks or for cycling, giving child predators an open invitation.

A smartphone monitoring app can always keep a check on your kid’s real-time location. This way you can ensure that kids enjoy their learning without any fear of trouble.


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