How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in COVID-19?

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in COVID-19?

This that time of the year again! Yes, thanksgiving is around the corner. A magical time where you not only get a chance to spend time with your family and friends, but it gives you the opportunity to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. It gives you a perspective to look at your life positively.

But, this year things might be a bit different from past celebrations. According to research, the risk of celebrating thanksgiving traditions, such as having family dinner, is high. So, like everyone else, you might be wondering too how you’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Many of us will be spending the day away from our friends and families due to world pandemic and its effects. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit alone at your dinner table with some leftovers. Well, you still have a lot that you can do on this holiday. You need to think outside of the traditional box. Maybe a new dinner menu? Or a new family tradition? There’s always something that we have secretly wanted to do for Thanksgiving, isn’t it? This might be the time for it!

And if you want to continue the old comforting traditions, you may do that a well. Regardless of the ways, if you want a safe thanksgiving, you need to follow some precautions. Here are a few of them that will help you have a safer holiday:

  • If you are hosting a family dinner, try to avoid close contact gestures. Avoid shaking hands and hugs. You could greet them verbally instead.
  • You could wear a mask around the people you don’t live with to reduce the spreading risk of the virus.
  • Ask the guests to avoid going in and out to the areas where you are preparing food.
  • Make sure all the guests wash their hands with disinfectant soap for 20 seconds before eating the food. You can also use hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) if the soap isn’t available.
  • Try to keep your mask on while serving food to the guests.
  • Make healthy food and beverages for your guests. Use fruits, vegetables, and healthy drinks to maintain good health.

If there are reusable items like a tablecloth, seat covers, and napkins, disinfect and wash them after the event.

Now, let’s talk about the ways you can spend time with your family this thanksgiving in a safer way.

Try to scale it back

Well, no one wants to be alone on Thanksgiving. You can have a family dinner or lunch with your friends. But the only thing that can help you have more fun is the minimum number of guests you have over. Scaling out the number of people is probably the best for you and everyone else too. Try to keep the guest list as small as possible. Having dinner with your family is the best way to reduce risk.

Plan a virtual grand dinner

You may not be able to visit your grandparents this year, but you can still have the thanksgiving dinner together. Thanks to the advanced technology, you can have a virtual family dinner this year. You can decide on the same menu or cook dinner and spend it with all your friends or family if they live close to your house. You can divide the dishes among the members and prepare the grand dinner.

Once the dinner is ready, you can use dinner chatrooms and apps to get you all connected. You can play games or have a walk down memory lane through these meetings. Virtual meetings can help you enjoy this year on the most memorable day. You can celebrate all your family traditions without any separation.

Spend time with your household

This year may affect the grand gatherings, but it has also shown us the importance of the real family, how your family can help you get through the difficulties, or how you can stay happy even in such depressing times. Well, this year can be a way to thank your family. You can spend time with your kids and tell them how much you’re thankful for them.

If you are struggling to keep up with your kids, take this as an opportunity to talk to them. Show your family how grateful you are to have them.

Go for an after-dinner walk

Continue the tradition and go out for a walk with your family. Appreciate the surroundings and try to teach your kids the same. If your kids are going out alone with their friends, try to keep track of their location using parental monitoring app like XNPSY. This way, you enjoy your time while ensuring your child’s safety. Its features like geofencing allows you to mark particular areas as unsafe and get alerts if the child goes in or near the marked location.

Donate to the people in need

This year may be different for many families all around the world. Due to the COVID-19 outspread, many countries and the people living in them were affected by the economic downfall. Consider helping others by volunteering or donating something that may be useful for them. You can contact different fundraising organizations and ask them how you can contribute. You can also keep a check on your old neighbors and try to offer them your time by helping them with their errands.