How to Keep the Family Together on What Will Be the Busiest Labor Day in 8 Years


Let’s drop the bomb on you right away—if you or anyone in the family is planning one final getaway for the summer, you’re not alone. Labor Day Weekend 2015 is predicted to be the busiest one there has been since 2008. Which means traffic will be insane. There will be more people (more cars, really) out there on the road then there have been all year. So that road trip you’ve been planning? A lot of it could be spent stuck in traffic.

Amongst all this mess, it is only natural that you’d be worried about your family when they are out. Labor Day Weekends are typically spent by students as a one last hurrah before getting back to schools/colleges. It goes without saying that a lot of people on the roads are going to be the younglings. This is bound to make parents rather worried if this year’s numbers are true. So how do you keep the family together in which is expected to be the worst traffic in nearly 8 years? Three words. Mobile spy app.

Using Location Tracker to Keep Up

The first thing you ought to do right away before you or your kids head out on your road trips is install mobile spy software in all your devices. Your software will have a location tracker on it. So once your kid or your loved one is out on the road, you will be able to look at their current GPS location at any point in time. This means you can check in on them and be assured of where they are.

Discuss where your kids will be heading to and what routes they will be using. Then use your cell phone spy to keep an eye on those routes and see exactly where they are. How would you know if your kids are actually going to where they say they’ll go? It is through…

Setting Geo-Fences

…setting geo-fences of course. Geo-fencing allows you to put virtual fences around certain locations. Place a fence around their route. Now any time they deviate and decide to head off somewhere else or somewhere they are not supposed to be, you will be notified right away. How? You monitoring software will send you an alert anytime there is activity related to ‘Watchlist Location’… or the locations that you just placed fences around.

Going Through Location History

Here’s a more laid back approach to making sure your family has been safe through the traffic on Labor Day. If you don’t want real time reports on their GPS location, you can always look at their location history to find out where they’ve been. You can do this in time intervals you’re comfortable with. That way, you can have your fair share of fun during the Labor Day Weekend, and be responsible at the same time.

Encouraging Safer Celebrations!

Making sure the family is connected through a mobile spy app will only encourage you to look after each other’s safety. This way, you’ll be encouraging safer celebration using digital means. If you’re coordinated enough, you can make it through this awful traffic and have a great last summer getaway.

So make sure you’re celebrating responsibly. Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!


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