How Yoga Can Benefit the Social Media Depressed Teenager

How Yoga Can Benefit the Social Media Depressed Teenager

The teenage life is perhaps the most confusing time in one’s life, what with all these bizarre changes happening almost suddenly, a teenager cannot help but be reactive to situations. Situations that might not seem much to you or me, but to a hormonal adolescent, it means the world.

The situations they face every day leads to anxiety and other forms of reactive emotions, which causes stress not just for them, but for everyone around them. The stress isn’t however from parents, or school, it is majorly from other teenagers.  Young adults have this need to prove themselves, to conform themselves to fit in or stand out, just to impress the cool kids or just to get someone special’s attention. What they don’t realize is that the pressure they’re putting themselves through is enormous and is totally unnecessary.

With the advent of social media and a need for an online presence, the anxiety has grown tenfold. You might have heard of the term ‘Facebook Depression’. What this entails is basically a sort of depression that results from not receiving attention even after putting in time online.

The Solution to Anxiety and Depression

Yoga. Yoga is perhaps the best way to relieve stress and to let go of tedious situations. The appeal of Yoga might be lost on teenagers since it is often associated with older people or anyone with a lot of free time (which high school or college students might not have). But this perception is totally wrong. Anyone with ten minutes can a day can perform Yoga and benefit for years.


Yoga regularly clears up the mind and increases focus and concentration. Teens will find that they will can concentrate better in class. They will have a better appreciation for their body. They will find that they are at peaceful state of mind most of the time, and this will reduce any negative tendencies they might against others. This exercise will benefit bullies and the bullied as well, because any anger or fear they have might ‘sizzle’ out and they will have a mutual understanding with one and the other. Physically, they have an enhanced flexibility and coordination.

Their mindfulness of their own bodies leads to acceptance of anybody issues they might have and will be more accepting to anyone else facing the same issues they might have had. And any issues you yourself might have had might not even be there anymore.

It will cultivate gratitude for what their body is capable of and any tendency to be critical of one’s self might be let go.

What might seem like a simple 10 minutes leads to several changes in the mind and body that the average teenager faces. Any need of validation from the online world might seem worthless or unnecessary. Talk to your child if they feel burdened by social media or any online issue. They’re young and confused, any tools to help them feel better or to get them through the day will in turn benefit you.



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