Three things every Indian parent have said to their kids

Parents and their parenting style changes according to their culture. The economic condition, the traditional standards, and the surrounding atmosphere have a significant impact on parenting. While there are some defined values, many Indian parents focus on their cultural values more than anything.

Even though you can find thousands of different traditions, they all stand undivided on their integrity and honesty. Many underprivileged parents have a peer pressure of raising kids who value relations and home limitations more than their own dreams. The three things every Indian parent is worried about are their child’s career, their social life, and their marriage. The definition of each of these may differ from parent to parent.

India is one of the rich countries when it comes to traditions, talent, and knowledge. And the youth is the fundamental component that can enhance this richness. Every parent does not matter where they belong to, gets worried if their child is not performing well in their academic and social life. However, in India, many parents tend to focus on their academic performance more than anything. Their motto says, “Help the children achieve their utmost, which is often more than what they think.” Extra-curricular activities are also appreciated, but academics remains the foremost concern of most Indian parents.

Research done by the HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited) has shown that most parents have set a particular goal of building a flourishing future for themselves. They covered many countries in this research. However, India has recorded the second country for choosing a “successful future” as a goal for their kids. More than half of the parents picked this option. The study also shows:

  • 51% of parents have chosen successful careers as the ultimate goal for their kids.
  • 49% of parents have chosen their kids’ happiness.
  • 33% of them opted for a healthy lifestyle.
  • 22% of them wanted their kids to have a comfortable life.
  • 17% of them wanted their kids to choose their own goals.

If you look at the results of various countries, you will see an immense difference of opinion between the parents.

  • 77% of the parents in the UK opted for their kid’s happiness.
  • 60% of the parents in the UAE wanted what their kids want.
  • 56% of Indonesian parents wanted their kids to have a happy life.
  • 58% of parents in Hong Kong kids wanted their kids to spend their life without any worries.  

However, Indian parents, on the other hand, choose to focus on their child’s career more than their own dreams. In fact, the survey reports that securing an educational degree is an obligatory act.

  • 91% of the parents want their kids to get an undergraduate degree.
  • 88% of them want their children to get a master’s degree.

Focusing on education is not a bad thing, but making your child revolve around it may damage their lives. Most of the time, they get so busy preparing their children for the future that it affects the kids mentally and emotionally.  

Let us take a look at the most common things that every Indian parent has said and how these things aim just on the importance of having a successful future.

“Your academic grades are everything”

Every Indian kid has heard this phrase more than one time in his life. It implies that some parents ask kids to concentrate on nothing else than studies. This pressure of meeting their parent’s expectations may affect them mentally.

What parents can do is to try and make a balance between their personal and academic life. They should know that their mental and physical state way important than their professional state. However, most Indian parents will get a lot happier if they see an “A+” on an essay instead of getting a certificate in any sport.

“Look at your aunt/neighbors’ kid”

This comparison can bring out so many insecurities in your kid. Kids have a sensitive brain and heart. They try their best to reach their goals. If you see your kids struggling, your words of appreciation could help them archive their goals. However, many parents, out of frustration, start comparing their kids with others. It can affect them emotionally and mentally.

“Your phone will destroy your life”

Another phrase that every Indian kid has heard is that your phone will destroy your life. Balancing your social and personal life is one of the most important keys to a healthy lifestyle. You cannot expect your kids to spend their whole day studying. And even if you do, you should not. Excess of everything can be bad for their health, even if it’s the phone or books. One way parents can limit their child’s mobile usage is to use a monitoring app like XNSPY. You can set screen-time and keep an eye on their online activities to ensure their safety.