Infographic: The right way to shop for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time! That means lots of food, lights, snow, and presents! But have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? With the stores filled with everything imaginable, no wonder it is a herculean task to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, particularly if you are a lazy shopper. 

Chase Card Services study says that 80% of Americans feel stressed during the holiday seasons, and for 1/3 of them, the main reason is Christmas gift shopping. At the same time, people overspend during Christmas. This year, an average American is going to spend $660 on gifts. Each year, we repeat the same mistakes of overspending while making last-minute purchases.

It is important that you monitor your spending and strictly stick to a budget this year. Do not overspend and pay with your credit card for everything. Some people have yet to clear their credit card debts from last Christmas.

So, we have rounded up some excellent tips to take out the stress out of holiday shopping.