Location Tracking is Surprisingly Suitable for Setting Curfews

Location Tracking is Surprisingly Suitable for Setting Curfews

Lately a lot of XNSPY parents have been sharing their experiences with the app, answering the question that we put up on this blog last month: what do YOU use XNSPY for?

Here is the story of yet another mother and how she uses our location tracking feature to set curfews for her sons. She is truly the modern mother who has put technology on her side and made the best of her sons’ smartphone usage.

My sons have a 9 o clock curfew, which means they have to be home by then no matter what. But of course, they are teenagers and they break this rule when they think I’m not home. They are growing boys and it only seems natural that they would want to go out for a few hours. Experience life oon their own, without their mother hovering over them. While I understand the place that they are coming from, I do not approve. Because when they sneak out, they are blatantly lying to me. That is neither good for our relationship nor their own safety.

Sometimes, they sneak out after they think I’ve fallen asleep. And honestly, I was getting tired of them trying to double-cross me. I am their mother, but I’m also their disciplinarian. This is why I went ahead and installed XNSPY on their phones, which helps me with location tracking.

How Does XNSPY Work?

What you have to do is install the tracking app on your child’s phone, and then it basically does all the work for you. You can log onto the Control Panel and check

  • Their current GPS location
  • Their travel route history
  • Set boundaries on areas you think are safe or unsafe

And all of this occurs remotely, which basically means that they can be anywhere in the world, and I’d still know where they are. At the same time, the setting boundaries options lets me know if they are off visiting places that aren’t allowed. Like bars for instance. I am sent a notification by the app if they enter unsafe areas, which is pretty handy.

How it Makes Curfews Easier

My sons now know that I’ll always know whether they are home or not. Because the app runs invisibly in the backgrounds of their phones, they have no way of uninstalling it and tricking me anyway. Mreover, they think I’ve developed some form of mom superpowers that tells me if they’re breaking curfew without my notice. Now, if they’re not home on time, I just use XNSPY to find out where they are and go pick them up myself. It works, because now they just follow the rules or have to face the embarrassment of being picked up by their mother.

Location tracking is also great for security, because if you feel like your kid is in danger or some form of trouble where they’re being held against their will, you’ll know exactly where they are.

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So I’d suggest you install XNSPY on your kid’s phone to really enforce a curfew without a hassle. Even if you do not need it for a curfew at this time, you’d need it for security later on. It is always better to take precaution than to use your parental app as some sort of damage control. That’s what I’ve learnt from this blog.

Do you have a parenting or management story you’d like to share? We love hearing all about how YOU use the app to benefit your daily life. Write to us, give us advice, tips and tricks or just share an experience that you may think will benefit others.


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