More love, less clutter: How mobile spying software can make a difference this Valentines

Valentines Day 2017

You can find love anytime of the year but February is indeed a sweetheart month where a snowy atmosphere adds to the perfect cozy environment to snuggle up with your beloved. One of the best times to kick start your love life.

Valentines is the romantic time of the year providing you opportunity for your new dating adventures. It is also the time to renew your existing relationship and subside all the differences among the two of you. Living with your significant other isn’t only about having sex or eating together. There’s a lot more to it. It’s all about creating a balance and living together as a family. Therefore, it should be more about love and less about the mess.

Whether you fear infidelity or there’s a lot of difference of opinion between you and your partner, the ideal approach is to use a mobile spying software. You might think I’m ignoring a novel approach, that is communication, but believe me when there’s a lot of clutter, communicating each other in a cool-headed manner is very difficult. There are quite a few heated arguments and both have to face emotional baggage. To resolve the matters in a peaceful manner, I’d recommend you use a monitoring software to spy on your partner.

Know about your date through a spy app

Are you thinking of asking her out on valentine’s day? There are people who hop on from one partner to another till the time they find the ‘right one’, and then there are those who wait for their true love. When you are attracted to a person and are thinking of dating them, there might be a few questions scattered all over your brain whether that person is ‘The One’ for you or not.

You can’t learn everything about your current flame after a date or two. Asking them some personal questions on the first date would put them off. Doing some research work on your assumed partner may help know whether you guys can be compatible or not. It also depicts how long your relationship can last with your recent date. Stalking someone on Facebook or Instagram can tell you quite a lot but only if you are friends with someone on these social networking sites. What if you’re barred from looking at their photos and videos?

This is when a spy app comes for your rescue. If you want to have a know-how about your partner’s character and personality, you can install a spying software in their cell phone and monitor all their activities. Even the things that you weren’t able to figure out can be viewed through their cellphone for example their career preference, family relationships, financial status, daily routine, etc. When you go out on a date, you can avail an opportunity to install a spy app on your partner’s phone. XNSPY is quick to set-up and install. It takes around 3-5minutes for installation and you can immediately begin spying.

Monitoring a person remotely via their cell phone can also help you decide a gift for them for valentines. You can learn about their social life through Instagram and Facebook Messenger. All their photos and videos can be viewed along with the comments on them. It also depicts about their standard of living and taste, so you can contemplate whether to give an expensive gift to your partner or anything simple will do.

Moreover, going through their chats on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. can enable you to learn about their past. You can know for certain if they’re still involved with their ex or have completely moved forward with their life. Make sure you are not a rebound relationship for them. You can live a happy, less burdensome life when you have nothing to fear of infidelity from your partner. XNSPY offers you to monitor all the texts and call logs along with other details such as name of the contact, his number, date and time stamp of message or call, duration of call, and geo-tags (an icon which determines the exact location of a message sender/receiver when a particular message was sent/received).

All these calls and texts are organized in a chronological order, with the most recent message on the top. You can also watch-list any contact name or words when in doubt that your partner is involved in a clandestine affair. Therefore, if something unusual or unapproved takes place, you can immediately learn about it through instant alerts on your phone.

Looking at things from a completely different perspective, you can also find out whether your partner is a flirt or not. Overhearing their conversation through a spy app can actually help you comprehend about your relationship so that you can make an informed decision about them. So if they’re planning for a secret rendezvous this valentine’s you can catch them in the act. Tracking your partner’s location on valentine’s day can help you know about their schedule for the entire day. Even if there’s no one except you in their lives, this is all the better. It can at least enable you to know what pains your partner is going through to plan a romantic day with you so that you can be grateful to them. The immense relief and happiness it can bring within you will help you love your partner all the more.


When you figure out there are quite a number of similarities between you and your partner, you can fall more in love with them. Even if there were some misunderstandings in an existing relationship, you can work on them in a tactful manner, thanks to mobile spying software. Enjoy shared experiences and create loads of happy memories together with your significant other.


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