On The First Day of Christmas, Keep an Eye on Your True Love!

On The First Day of Christmas, Keep an Eye on Your True Love!

It’s Christmas time and the family is gathered. It is cheery and everyone is snuggled beside the fire with hot chocolate in their hands and the house is decorated from floorboard to rooftop. In this aura of cheeriness, your teenage son or daughter come to you to ask permission for a Christmas party they want to go to (this party is always arranged by a friend you know by the way). You think, why not? Everyone just wants to have a good time in the festive season so you give them permission with the condition to come back home on time, but you don’t give them a hard time even if they don’t.

Well, this festive jolliness might be getting in the way of your duty as a parent. Chances are that this party is completely innocent and your teenage son or daughter comes back home on time as they promised.  Chances are that they end up somewhere that they did not intend because of this party and you would have no way of knowing. During the Christmas season, around 80,000 people are expected to end up in hospitals, and almost 1/3 of those on Christmas day. If heaven forbid your child ends up in a hospital or somewhere else, you should have a way of knowing. If it’s past the time they said they would be home and they aren’t picking up their phone, you should know where they are. This is where XNSPY comes in.

XNSPY is our mobile tracker app that works discreetly without interrupting the usual use of the device. Once it is installed on a device, it cannot be uninstalled since it invisible on the phone. This device is then monitored by another one. To ensure that your child is really going to a place they said they would, you can use the following features of XNSPY:

Checking Location in Real Time

With XNSPY’s real time tracker, you will be constantly aware of your child’s current location. So while they’re out to the party, you are cooking or are out yourself, you will be updated on their whereabouts.

Location History

If say, you really are at a dinner or a party yourself and you don’t want to constantly check your phone to check up on your child, you can do so when you get back because XNSPY gives you a log of all the places that they’ve visited.


One of the most useful features in this situation is setting up geo-fences. This features lets you set up safe and unsafe areas and alerts you when your child wanders into an unsafe area.  For example, you can set up safe fences around the location of the party. You will be notified they arrive.

Find a middle ground being lenient and cautious. It is better to be in the middle than to be on either side of the spectrum. Don’t keep your child from experience their life but as a parent, it is your responsibility to keep them safe.


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