Someone Stole My Phone but XNSPY Location Tracker Helped Me Get it Back

Someone Stole My Phone but XNSPY Location Tracker Helped Me Get it Back

A simple but pretty poignant story about how using XNSPY as a precaution helps you get out of the stickiest of situations. Here’s a client’s story in their own words… 

I work in construction, so I’m always out in the field, picking and transporting things that usually requires a lot of leg work and focus. Not only am I doing some heavy work, have I had to make sure everyone around me is also safe so that no one gets hurt…and this also means that I might not be too attentive to my own self. We wear a belt that contains our necessary tools and immediate handy stuff that we might want to use. We also keep our phones on this belt too. We usually carry two phones, or at least I do because I want to keep my work phone a separate entity in itself.

Now, I work a normal nine to five job and there is a rarely a dull moment in this job. The days go by pretty fast and I’m absolutely exhausted by the end of these days, and I usually just go to home to sleep. Well one day, after a long hard day of work I come back home and just basically pass out. I have a habit of checking my work phone once I wake up to see if I have any work related emails. Well imagine my panic when I could not find my phone when I woke up the next morning.

I tore my apartment apart looking for that dang thing. I checked my belt and it wasn’t there. I called a colleague to ask if there was any important emails in the morning, and he said that there were supposed to be performance reviews today and management was going to call in everyone separately, at their allocated time that was mentioned in the email.

Now being the knuckle head that I am, I didn’t even bother logging in from my work email from another computer. Plus, all my personal work data was on that phone. I was, for a lack of better word, screwed.

Contemplating new job prospects or a new identity all together, I showed up to work not knowing when I was see my last brick laid down.

The thought of a brick striking my head suddenly reminded me. I had XNSPY! One night just after getting the work phone I thought it would be clever to download the app on my phone for exactly what I was going through. I didn’t really think I would need it but I’m sure glad I had it now. With a cheeky grin I pulled out my own personal phone and loaded up the XNSPY app. I went to the control panel and used the location tracker option to see where my phone was.  My phone was at home.

I won’t go into details of how I excused myself from work and drove the fastest that I could to and back from home, but I will say that the app helped myself in a very sticky situation. I will recommend this app to anyone who is as careless as I am!


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