Steer Clear of Halloween Pitfalls with These Tips

Steer Clear of Halloween Pitfalls with These Tips

Halloween is around the corner; it is the season of costume parties, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice. But as much as much as we love celebrating Halloween, it brings its own set of horror tricks and pitfalls for everyone. There are a few unlucky things that you must be aware of to avoid any pitfalls during your Halloween celebration. We are sharing some precautions that you must take to keep your loved ones safe.

Follow these tips to keep your Halloween celebration smooth and festive:

  1. Stay Aloof the Predators

Kids and adults have fun together at Halloween. Some activities are scary or have a frightening element in them. But there is one fear no one should content with; facing a sexual predator.

In these instances, parents are the first line of defense. When they leave their kids for Halloween parties, they must stay informed all the time. Parents must have all the information about the places to avoid. There is also a database of sexual offenders online that can tell parents where they live. To add an extra layer of security, parents must use a monitoring app on the kid’s smartphone for timely alerts. For example, a monitoring app can alert the parents if a predator contacts their kid on the phone. Parents can also monitor specific locations by watch listing the danger zones.

Also, teach your child to be careful and keep an eye around for strangers. Tell them not to take candies or treats from anyone they don’t know. If someone tries to force them, then leave the place immediately. You must check all their toys and treats before allowing them to use or consume them. Forbid them not to eat anything until you have checked it.

In addition, the costumes or dress up must be appropriate. Fires are often lit up during Halloween parties in the evening, so keep the costumes away from the fire and wear costumes that are flame-resistant. If you plan to wear a mask, then don’t choose one that doesn’t choke your breath.

  1. Avoid Halloween Horror at Workplace

Halloween is celebrated at the workplace and employees love wearing costumes but some of the employees are not comfortable to wear costumes. They are not comfortable attending spooky parties. Employers must ensure that they are not forced to do what they are not comfortable doing.

Apart from the liberty to celebrate Halloween, keep the event secular. Avoid giving it any religious color and prevent discrimination in your workplace. Employers can also circulate a policy guideline for Halloween party in the office and make the participation optional for its employees. Don’t allow anyone to call someone a “party pooper” just because he or she does not like to participate in Halloween festivities.

Similarly, the costume choices must be made clear to the employees beforehand. Clearly state in the policy guideline what is acceptable and what’s not. For example, the guideline must prohibit employees from wearing costumes that are culturally insensitive or sexually suggestive. The costume choice should not provoke racial discrimination such as wearing blackface.

A workplace is not the right place for provocative outfits, inappropriate comments, or jokes. Framing an all-encompassing policy guideline for Halloween can keep those concerns to the minimum. Most importantly, keep in mind that Halloween is an opportunity to have fun and motivate employees, and foster a sense of community at the workplace.

  1. Shop smartly

Though Halloween has a horror theme but shopping for Halloween is all fun. Everyone is looking for new costumes and decoration ideas. But choosing what to buy and where to buy is difficult. National Retail Foundation projects that Halloween spending for 2018 is expected to reach $9 billion.

When you are shopping for Halloween, there are a few things that you must keep in mind to avoid shopping horrors. If you are shopping online, make sure that the website starts with an “https” where “S” stands for secure. You must also go through the website’s privacy policy and contact information to avoid making payment to a scam site. If there is no clear contact or they only have an email as a point of contact, take that as a red flag.

It is better to use your credit card than your debit card. This will add additional protection to your online purchase and it is easier to dispute a fraudulent deal. There are also some seasonal stores that pop-up during the festive season. If you decide to shop from them, ask if they will be open after the Halloween holiday or how long they plan to stay open.

Halloween is a fun festivity to celebrate and this is not meant that you should stay home. But taking care of a few things can make the party memorable for the coming days.