The DIY Mom’s Guide to Planning a Cool Halloween Party

Summer is finally out on its way with September coming to an end and with it comes the month of October and that means it brings with it fall. Fall brings with it and all the goodness that begins the holiday season: the perfect picnic weather, colorful leaves falling everywhere and a gentle breeze to bring it all together. But the most anticipated event that falls brings with it Halloween! The sinister and spooky annual event is a great opportunity to show off your creativity while also plan for the most fun and engaging parties with all of your friends. But you can’t just celebrate any old party; you have to think outside the box to actually stand out in the crowd among this cool holiday.

Where most people fall flat when planning for a party is the actual catch or the interesting part about the party. Most default to a costume themed gathering when thinking of an interesting idea for a party but since everyone is already in a costume for Halloween, you just can’t do that. So here are a few unique and interesting ideas for Halloween parties that are sure to get you noticed!

1.      Shadow Theme

Halloween is all about the dark and scary so why not use both of those ideas to your advantage and put your scary twist to your house. All you need to do to bring this idea to life is some black construction paper and a good eye for the spooky. Cut out scary images like say: a scraggly tree with a raven on it, a black cat, an owl flying overhead, some dark indistinguishable figures, the list only ends where your imagination does! Now what you need to do is to paste these spooky cut outs in places you think people will only see out of the corner of their eyes. For the main décor you can do the same: black cutouts but larger in size and more in your face. You could cut out a big tree with something spooky on it like a ghost on it and put it in your entrance so as soon guests enter your home they can recognize themselves with the theme you have put up.

Now remember, black is your friend here and you don’t need to limit yourself to the construction paper cutouts. Try and go for a completely ‘shadowy’ feel inside your home.  A smart and effective way to accomplish this is to cover select pieces of your furniture with black sheets and black ornaments. You will also have to be picky with what you cover with the sheets and ornaments because it will not look good if you over-do it. Try to find furniture that is already somewhat in the dark and cover it with the darkness. To cover all bases try and get some thick dark string and use it to make some spider web and put in places where you would actually expect spiders to make webs. Like say a dirty old kitchen cabinet or a place in your living room where you might not clean enough.

As for the eatables are concerned well you guessed it- it has got to be all black. But you do not need to cook too much since so much work will go into your décor. Just a couple of finger foods will do. Oh and some dark drinks! Raspberry, Black Currant and grape should be your go to choice for the drinks but if you want to come up with some things of your own just make sure they match the rest of the food and décor because nothing looks more horrid than an out of place color in your dark theme.

2.      A Gore Theme

This is a theme a lot of people are afraid to do because it actually gets under their skin. A gore themed party is sure to make you stand out from among the crowd. You will need a lot of reds and pinks in your house to make your gore themed party come to life.

One of the best things you can do at a gore themed party is to have one of your bathrooms be made to look like a crime scene. Get some fake blood that is easily washable (or make some of your own) and spread it around the washroom just before the party starts. You can go one step further and have a bloodied ‘body’ in the mess too. Make a few disembodies heads, arms and other various limbs and make the part they are de-attached from the body really messy and bloody. You can put these anywhere but the perfect place to put them would be outside your home just so everyone knows you are not messing around this Halloween.

If you are REALLY looking to go the extra mile then there is one decoration that you will have to get so that your gore theme is fulfilled. You will however need to get your hands dirty a little bit. What you will need to do is get some really cheap meat from your local store but you will have to get the blood with that meat too. Wrap the bloodied mixture in plastic and decorate a corner table with it! A perfect way to accomplish this is to get cheap goat brains with some blood and put that around your house.

Get plain white sheets and just no nuts with spraying fake blood all over them. You’ll have to get quite a few of them so that you have enough to spread around your house and really create that bloody environment you were looking for. You yourself can get creative with some make-up and dress yourself up like so! You will be the life of the party (or rather the death!) so you will need to look the part too.

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