The Easiest Parenting Hack to View Location History Remotely

The Easiest Parenting Hack to View Location History Remotely

How many times have you, as a parent, wondered if your child really is where they say they are?

Because if you have, you are not alone. Every parent who has kids entering adolescence has experienced this at one point or the other. At their age, your kids have made themselves believe that they’re old enough to do anything, go anywhere, and not be questioned by parents about it. They’ve got secret lives at this age. This is almost expected behavior; but it doesn’t stop you from worrying either. But parents are increasingly digitalizing their lives, just as their kids are. There are monitoring tools for kids available that empower parents, and make them want to be more proactive in their children’s upbringing. Parents are now able to block unwanted websites, know where their kids are going, and even view location history through trackers.

Parental controls, especially those that come in the form of mobile apps have become the newest parenting hack.

How do Parental Controls Work?

Modern parental controls, such as XNSPY, are installed on children’s devices. From then on, a parent has maximum surveillance privileges. Which means they can pretty much see anything that’s going on in their phones or tablets. These controls also come with trackers, so a parent always knows where the child is via their GPS location. Parents that deal with kids that sneak out and lie to them… an app like this seems like the perfect antidote to their problems.

Are Trackers Effective?

To a degree, trackers are pretty effective. But it depends on how the parent chooses to use them. XNSPY, for example tracks a child throughout the day. Now, a parent can log on and peek into their current location if they please. But, if they want to find out where their child has been throughout the day, they’ll also be able to see their location history. Imagine that—a parent will have, with precise coordinates and times where their child has been.

Does it Work on Teenagers?

Not in the way that you’d think. A parental control is a preventative measure. It works only if there is a form of active parenting involved. If you’re using this to find out if your child is lying to you about where they’ve been, the most the app is going to do is confirm or deny their claim. How you choose to parent your child with that information is entirely up to you… that is what ultimately determines if this should work on teenagers.

But at the same time, having the ability to remotely view location history seems to have a certain utility, doesn’t it? Because what if you find that your kid is in trouble, but you have no idea where they are? Or a less morbid situation, their devices don’t come cheap, and kids lose things. An app like that could easily locate their devices back to them.

A monitoring app is a parenting hack, yes. But it doesn’t work unless is it rightly implemented. It is a vehicle that reassures you of their safety, and informs you of their activities. What you choose to do with that information is what will matter.


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