The Safety Guide All Parents Must Follow this Halloween 2015


Alright parents, time to gear up. We’ve been preparing for this since the beginning of the month. Our pumpkins have been carved, our costumes have been made. Now let’s get down to business and formulate a family safety plan for Halloween 2015. Here we go.

Discuss Routes Clearly and Elaborately

Did you know that kids are twice more likely to get hit by a car on the road on Halloween than any other night of the year? That’s mostly because most kids go out trick or treating in the night prattling about from door to door for candy. In fact, we hear the Muskegon police is actually distributing reflective trick or treat bags around to kids in their area so that drivers would be able to see kids more clearly in the dark on the night and avoid accidents.

We’ve got a precaution of our own. Before Halloween night, sit all your kids down for a family meeting and discuss the houses they will visit for candy. Be elaborate about route planning and make sure you tell them not to run on roads and mainly use the sidewalk with their friends. A route map is really important because that way your child is less likely to get lost.

Get that GPS Tracker Ready

Another good idea is to let your children know that you’ll be GPS tracking them for backup. Your child can enjoy their night out knowing that you will they if they get lost or come across any trouble. And you can enjoy your night in, and know exactly where your kids are all the same. Your GPS tracker will give you their real time location, and you can pinpoint the exact place your kids are on the map.

Set Geo-Fences Around Your Area

Another thing you can do is to set geo-fences around your block or neighborhood where your child is supposed to be trick or treating. You talked to them about keeping safe and only sticking to the route make you’ve discussed, haven’t you? Well, the geo-fencer is your tool to make sure they’re sticking to the rule. Kids can get a little carried away when they’re high on sugar and there’s the promise of more candy. Your geo-fencer will tell you if they happen to stray away from the parameters you’ve set for them. Your app will instantly alert you so you can take action right away.

Get Other Parents in on Your Safety Regime

Take a little social responsibility and get other parents in on your safety regime. Get other parents involves with tracking their children to protect them. Your initiative could keep every child in your neighborhood safe, and with your help, your kid and all their friends could enjoy a secure Halloween. Remember, every little act matters.

Enjoy the Rest of the Night

If you evaluate this regime, you’ll realize that most of it just precautionary work. Which means you’ll actually have very little to do on the night of Halloween. So really, you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the night while your child is away collecting candy. As long as you’ve taught your kid all the rules and have your tracker with you, you’ll be fine. Happy Halloween!


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