Tips and Tricks to Get You and Your Young Ones through New Year’s Eve 2018!

Tips and Tricks to Get You and Your Young Ones through New Year’s Eve 2018!

Christmas is over but the festivities do not end until the New Year ball drops and you still have events to plan and parties to go to. Your kids and especially your teenagers have ten times the parties to go to that you might have to go to so you have got to stay vigilant through this entire time to ensure that your kids and teens have a good but safe time too by keeping a very close eye on them.

Things around the house this time of the year are pretty hectic with each one of your family members going all around town with their friends and family to parties and other events. As a parent and head of the family you have to be vigilant all the time and make sure your family remains safe even during this festive season. But you might think to yourself how you can keep track of every member with everything being so hectic and frantic around the house- well what if I told you that you can take control of everything around your house just with the tip of your fingers with XNSPY.

How XNSPY can help Parents during the New Year

New Year is a time to party and you will find that your teenagers and pre-teens wanting to go to New Year parties and even ‘pre-new year’ parties. Now that is all fine, it is the holidays and everyone should celebrate their time off. But there should always be a limit to what you can and cannot do. New Year parties and festivities are always a hub for alcohol and by extension –underage drinking. But the debauchery does not end here. Sexual assault has become an increasingly huge threat to worry about- especially at New Year parties and events. As much of the world saw in Germany, as many as 1200 girls were in way or another sexually assaulted. Many parents let their young daughters and children attend this unsupervised event and as a result this happened. Do not be that parent too.

But you can keep a very close eye on your young ones with XNSPY. Using the many features of the amazing spying app you can very well track each and every step of your children. XNSPY features location tracking which is constantly updated in order to give the most accurate and most up to date location on your child- provided they have a good internet connection as well!

But the features of XNSPY do not end there. XNPSY allows users to view messages inside some of the most popular messaging apps these days. Kik spy, Facebook spying, Instagram spyware, Facebook Messenger and even Tinder. So use these apps and stay on top of your kid’s lives this busy season.

XNSPY and Work

So with everything going on with family and home and Christmas you just have to fit work in to all of this too. And this can be especially hard if you are a manager or boss with lots of people working under you. Everyone wants to slack off this season but get paid for it too. Employee work morale is not exactly pretty high this time of the year and everyone just wants to get home early and as a manager you have to know that employees will be very willing to cheat you and get paid for it too. As a boss if you allow this to happen, then you might as well shut down your business because these vultures will eat you and your business- that is unless if you put your foot down.

You have to take steps to make it work your way. But you cannot just outright call your employees out on their behavior-especially at a time when work morale is already low and everyone is thinking about home and holidays. Because to be honest no one wants to work around Christmas or New Year. As a boss you have to narrow down the employees you think are slacking off and monitor them very closely.  If you think this close monitoring is un-ethical than all you need to do is read this.

XNSPY will help bosses make sure that they have the right tools to monitor their employees and make sure that they are not being cheated with. XNSPY gives you the ability to go through e-mails and messages, so you can sift through your employee’s mail and make sure that they are working. You can even use XNSPY to set up alerts for certain words or phrases- which when used, XNSPY sends an alert to you through email or phone notification. This allows you to quickly deal with whatever problems that may arise.

You can even use XNSPY to help deal with employee disdain. Most employees will never come out and tell you what problems they have with you and will eventually take these problems up with you when they turn in their resignations. Studies have shown that employees who set up monitoring systems for their employees usually end up with long term success. XNSPY is an inexpensive way of doing this. It allows users to monitor phone calls, text messages, messages through multiple social media sites, emails, GPS location and much more.


2018 is almost here and the New Year brings the promise of change and new challenges. You can always deal with these new challenges if you put your mind to it and use the tools that you have been given to efficiently deal with everything that comes your way. XNPSY is one such tool that you can use to help bring a positive change in your life. It can help you in ways that you could have never imagined and eventually make your life so much easier. Enjoy the discounts on XNPSY going on right now in celebration of the New Year and the holiday cheer.

So get your family together, your work in check and enjoy the holidays responsibly. Happy New Year!


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