Top 5 subscription-based gifts to get this Christmas

Top 5 subscription-based gifts to get this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is looking for the perfect deal to buy something for themselves or their loved ones. While one-time gifts can be great, shopping for long-term subscriptions can work super well, too!

Here we have prepared a list of the top five subscription offers that can last for a while. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out!

  1. Disney+

Disney+ is among the most popular subscription-based services launched this year. Rated among the top streaming services, the subscription gives you access to Pixar, Disney, National Geographic, Marvel, and Star Wars. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

While the monthly subscription costs about USD 6.99, Disney is offering the yearly version for just USD 69.99. So if you’ve decided to buy the subscription for yourself or someone dear, just head over to the website. If you wish to gift it to someone as a surprise, you can do that too! You have the option to select the date the person will receive the gift, and Disney+ will take care of the rest.

  • Freshly

Freshly is an interesting company that offers healthy meals delivered right to your doorstep every week. It’s a great service if you don’t have the time or patience to cook good meals. The meals are prepared by a chef, so it’s not industrial-grade preparation. What’s more, the meals are fresh, gluten-free, have no artificial ingredients, or refined sugars. Freshly’s meal list includes buffalo chicken, Mexican style shredded beef, and plenty of other options. They also have plenty of deals that you can opt for, ranging from the four-meals-a-week plan at USD49.99/ week to 12 meals per week at USD107.99. If your loved one is looking for a healthier meal option delivered right to their doorstep, you can gift them a subscription, too.

  • Book of the Month Club:

The Book of the Month Club is almost a century-old, US-based book club that offers its subscribers a curated list of five books each month. You can select which genre you like to read and the club will offer you a list of books from that category. It’s not only that, the books are recommended by a panel of judges, and it is the reader who chooses which ones to read. If you like, you can also head over to their online forums and discuss the books. If you or someone close to you love to read, you can opt for the 3-month subscription at USD 49.99.

  • XNSPY:

XNSPY is one of the most powerful mobile spy apps available for both iOS and Android. These days, most youngsters use social media and mobile phones for communication. However, there are certain threats online that can harm your child. Whether this refers to predators or inappropriate content, you want to make sure that your child remains safe.

 The app offers a host of advanced features that let you oversee your child’s use of the internet or even where he/she goes. Whether it is social media, phone calls, texts or GPS location, you can ensure the safety of your child. You can purchase the basic edition for USD 4.99 a month, while the premium edition comes in at USD 7.49/month.

  • Watch Gang:

Watch Gang is a subscription-based men’s watch club that has a vast range of watches on offer. You can select the kind of watches that you like and opt for a suitable plan. Depending on the plan that you choose, the watch gang will deliver a watch straight to your doorstep each month. Head over to their website and see what you like.