Tracking The Year: 2017 Under a Watchful Eye

Tracking The Year: 2017 Under a Watchful Eye

2016 has now come to an end and it hasn’t been a pretty year for most. Along with the unfortunate loss of the huge list of influential and loved personalities, after the election season, small business owners hold their breaths of how they will be affected by new economic reforms. But before we move on to the next year and next President, we have to review how this past year went.

You’d want to be on top of everything that happens in and around your business. You’d want to see what employee completes their job and goes above and beyond to achieve goals. The last thing you’ll need is to end the year in the red. If this somehow does happen, you should know what and who caused it and what actions need to be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Businesses and their success heavily rely on the performance of employees and keeping track of every single employee and their tasks can be a bit of a task. You’d want to separate the slackers from the achievers. You should know what employee uses the resources i.e company assigned phone they’re given to work honestly and what employee just uses their company assigned phone to play Candy Crush.

This is where a cellphone tracking app is the most useful tool that you can use. You’ll find that XNSPY is just the app you’re looking as it bears features that cover every end. XNSPY can be installed on the company given phones, once installed the employees will be oblivious to the fact that they have a tracking app on their phone since it is invisible. The app can be used to track messages, emails, to monitor and record calls and track app usage, so that you know if unnecessary apps like mobile games are being installed. Along with these features, XNSPY has the following exclusive features:

1. WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp is a convenient and efficient way to send messages since it allows files, pictures and videos and even audio to be transferred quickly. Employees are more prone to use it since files have to be transferred from one person to the other, and even you. XNSPY allows you to monitor the messages of your employee’s WhatsApp. This was you can see if files were sent or received on times, you can also make sure exactly when they were sent.

2. Real Time Tracking

If you have employees that have jobs that require them to move in the field, this feature is extremely useful. You can track your salesman by being updated on their current whereabouts. This way you can make sure they’re doing the job right.

3. Location Log

If for some reason you weren’t able to track their locations in real time, fear not, as a log of all the locations they travelled to will be given to you. This was you can confront them if they made a un-assigned detour.

If 2016 was a bad year for you, make use of all the tools you can to make sure 2017 doesn’t follow the same patterns by being prepared. XNPSY is one of these tools that you can use. Here’s hoping for a happier and more successful New Year


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