Unique New Year celebrations around the world [infographic]

Unique New Year celebrations around the world [infographic]

New Year has also always been a way of people brushing off their struggles of last year and hoping for a better year ahead. Some people believe if you start your year with celebrations, it will bring a happy year, while many of them spend praying and staying in their families.

All the countries have different ways to celebrate the New Year. Many countries have traditions that they practice during New Year’s Eve. Some of these places have specific dishes that they have over the New Year’s dinner, while some of them get fast food to give themselves a rest.

The US tradition of celebrating the New Year is the final ball drop at Time’s Square. However, many of us may not know about the history behind this ball.

The time’s square ball took place in 1907 for the first time. And since 1907, the ball drop didn’t happen for two years; 1942 and 1942. Just like that, most people are unfamiliar with the weight of it. It weighs almost 6 tons and consumes 360 million glasses of sparkling wine.

While many Americans spend their New Year’s Eve looking at the Time’s Square Ball, other people are busy doing what they love.

For more New Year facts and stats, kindly check our infographic below: