What You Need to Do About ‘Creepy Clown’ Sightings this Halloween 2016

What You Need to Do About ‘Creepy Clown’ Sightings this Halloween 2016

Okay, so here’s the deal. More than 44 states in the country have now reported creepy clown sightings. They are popping up everywhere and freaking people out. The weirdest part at this point is that this phenomenon is spreading to countries like Canada and the UK as well.

Now I don’t know what the deal with all these clowns is. Is it a big, extensive marketing thing? Is it a secret clown convention that no one has ever heard of? Is it a cult thing? Is it an elaborate practical joke or a hoax that someone designed just to mess with people? Is it something that has just sort of trickled down where people are simply dressing up as clowns to freak other people out? Or—wait for it—is it just one big ol’ coincidence that a lot of people seem to be spotting suspicious clowns in a town near them?

I don’t know about you, but I for one am worried. There, I said it. Clowns creep me out, and these awful sightings have me sleeping with all my doors locked. What is up with them anyway? When will people get to the bottom of this? Because, Halloween is just around the corner, people! What if all these jokers herd together and pull a stunt that ends up harming people?

While we don’t have answers quite yet, there is one thing we can do. Come Halloween 2016, we can start taking measures to keep tabs on our loved ones. Let’s put technology on our sides till this paranoia is over… or at least till the end of Halloween.

What Are These Clown Sightings?

Basically, there have been a “series of sightings” of various people dressed up as scary clowns in various places. It started in the US but as of August, has spread to other Western countries as well. Like I said before, these sightings have been reported in nearly every state of the country, and this is exactly why why there is such widespread panic over it.

But the real question is: what are these clowns doing?

For now, most of these sightings have been linked with violent threats, particularly to schools. Most recently, a student in Virginia used social media to hire a clown to kill her teacher. Although authorities have failed to obtain solid evidence to serious criminal activity, there have been a few arrests. I mean, if there have been cases of attempted murder—or conspired murder in the Virginia case— you know that there is a serious threat involved.

I know that right now it seems like a widespread ploy. It seems like something is being made out of nothing at all, when in reality, it isn’t much you should worry about. But that is where you’re wrong. You do need to take the right precaution now—now, when this group is relatively non-violent. You don’t want the Clown Paranoia to turn into a downright Clown Uprising where people will get hurt.

What are the precautions that you can take? I’ve got a few ideas.

Keep These Clowns at Bay

Here is what you need to do:

  • Start tracking your kids now. Keep tabs on their location. This is not an invasion of their privacy. This is transparency in communication; this is a necessary move for their safety.
  • Take your parental control apps and mark “safe zones” in them. These can be areas close to your home, your child’s school, your workplace, a café nearby that you trust, your friend’s house and other such places you are sure will be away from trouble. You will be notified instantly if your child or your loved one crosses the safe zone and enters into a danger zone. Contact them immediately in the event that this happens.
  • Keep your trackers handy, especially when your children go out trick or treating. There will be a lot of kids in costumes, a lot of people hiding their true identities. This gives away an overall aura of letting your walls down and doing whatever you want. Make sure your child does not get harmed when there is an air of irresponsibility surrounding your town.
  • Listen to your child or loved one’s surroundings, especially on Halloween night. Hear in to check if they’re doing alright or if they are in trouble.

Okay, so maybe I’m taking this clown craze way more seriously than I should. But I have a phobia, and I have somehow become part of a country where clowns are coming together for a reason no one knows of. All this uncertainty relating to my biggest phobia… do I need to explain why I am losing my mind? So unless someone gets to the bottom of this, I am going to be as careful as I can, especially on Halloween. I suggest you do the same.


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